Interior Design Ideas for Modern Medical Offices

“Trust is built with consistency.” – Lincoln Chafee

More than just the aesthetics, creating a “modern” medical office is about veering away from traditional, cold, uninspiring medical spaces to a medical office that promotes warmth, and a space that your patients would feel comfortable to be in.

Medical Interior Design is the silent hero of any positive patient experience. It’s not active, it constantly works in the background but if done right – allows your team to carry out service efficiently and your patients are always made comfortable. Below are some ideas on how we can help you achieve a modern yet timeless space that’s designed to elevate the patient experience.

  1. Branding Consistency

    A brand is not just a logo, it is an identity that seeks to communicate your vision and quality of service. It includes a logo, a tone of voice you can use in how you speak to your audience, a visual system that includes interiors and color palettes, and it even includes the feelings you want to be associated with – all connecting to the brand messaging of how you want to be perceived. It will be important for any practice that wants to engage with your patients to make sure they are consistent in how the brand is applied.

    Interior design is ultimately the final venue of how brands are experienced. Ensure that the space is arranged, finished, and aligned with the message you want to portray. Consistency is key. You cannot have a minimalist-looking logo represent a Victorian-looking interior design. Any disconnect breeds discontent and even mistrust. Branding may appear superficial, but it is never about misrepresentation; your brand promise needs to be realistic and doable and must push your whole company to align toward a common goal.

  2. Natural Light

    Getting as much natural lighting into your medical office is a great way to improve the ambiance and even reduce the energy cost you spend. Among the many benefits, it improves well-being, improves productivity and everything just looks better in natural lighting because the color rendition is always better than in artificial lighting.

  3. Biophilic Design

    Bringing nature indoors is always a great idea and integrating Biophilic design into the design of spaces always makes meaningful improvements to the well-being of occupants. Coming from the root word Biophilia or “Love for Nature”, Biophilic means to integrate nature in various ways and can harness the benefits of being surrounded by nature while being indoors. Research has shown that Biophilic design especially in medical spaces has hastened recovery times and even improved patient outcomes.

    There are many opportunities for Medical Interiors to apply Biophilic design interventions. Having plenty of natural light inside through skylights or windows is one great way to bring in the sun. Live plants whether in an indoor garden or even just potted plants here and there become a tactile encounter with flora. Windows that offer views outside expand the appreciation of space so rooms do not look too cramped. Color palettes like natural colors and even natural materials like wood also add to the Biophilic experience indoors.

  4. Material and Color Selection

    Thoughtful and coherent decisions when selecting material finishes for the interiors can greatly affect the patient experience inside your Medical space. Always try to answer three questions before selecting a material finish. First, is this consistent with the brand or design intention? Second, is it medically appropriate? Lastly, is it within my budget? See, design decisions are not just made from gut feel – effective and successful decisions are those that are informed and grounded on realistic goals.

    Consistency to the brand and design intention is meant to ensure that materials are counterchecked to the visual identity of the company. Appropriateness is asking whether the material can take the beating and will not give out unceremoniously. It also means to ask if it is medical-grade and other rating systems that demand a level of performance for it to be considered. On the issue of costs, it will always be in the company’s best interest to work within the budget as a matter of principle. Note that cost is never upfront and that further clarification on the delivery and installation can bloat the cost further than initially planned.

Are you ready to bring your Medical Interiors to another level? Give us a call right now at (310) 359-1200 or drop a consultation request here. We have tons more ideas to share with you, we can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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