Intentional Design Pays for Itself

“The future depends on what you do today.” – Mahatma Gandhi

A key pillar to building a successful and profitable medical office is intentionality. Having a clear vision and sound strategy as you start this journey of building your space is essential for an efficient and effective process. Having that purpose in the conception, realization, and even through your day-to-day operations is a way to empower you to define the trajectory of your future. It involves being fully present, not just as a decision-maker but as an active and informed participant in the design process. Why does intentionality matter and how does taking that extra consideration factor in the success of your practice? Check out our insights below.

Clarify the Vision

Having the vision to transcend the conceptual into the physical requires a series of translations. Starting from thought, you need to be able to capture the essence of WHY you started this journey and WHAT you envision your practice to look like, and talking with design professionals will be extremely helpful in visualizing the vision and refining it further to fit a broader context that includes utilities and your business goals. During the design process – before finalizing an implementation plan, you are enjoined to internalize how the design evolved so that decisions in the future (during actual construction) are still aligned to the original goals.

Success Formula for Growth

By saying that designing with purpose ensures success it’s because as early as the design process, the simple exercise of allocation of the spaces already counts so much. Our profit-generating formula advocates for allocating 60-70% of your space to income-generating areas (exam rooms, treatment rooms, retail area, etc.), while the remaining 30% be allocated to support areas (storage, breakroom, restroom, etc.). Having this proportion optimizes the space planning so that a greater percentage of the areas is poised to bring in revenue. Having this foresight beforehand prepares you for how your practice will work and how it will grow in the future and making that declaration of policy already sets your practice up for profitability from the get-go.

Why Intentionality Matters

Building with purpose means you make fewer mistakes and revisions. It will be helpful to owners to know beforehand that small changes may cascade into larger costs with the compounding of time delays and unforeseen costs. Sticking to the plan unless necessary is staying the course to fulfill the vision into reality.

Having that extra exercise to thresh out the intricacies of what you want to achieve makes your office look and feel more thoughtful than the rest. That extra step already pushes you beyond the competition by being more thorough in what has come to be expected from similar places. That little extra makes your practice extraordinary.

To be intentional is being clear about your goals and realistic in how to go about achieving them. Intentional design is about YOU as an owner being more involved and informed about how spaces are planned, built, and used. Contact us today for a complimentary design consultation and let us empower you in your journey towards achieving a medical office that supports your success!

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