Healthcare Interior Design can help promote Healthier Lifestyles!

Interior Design is not limited to, or is applicable for, large spaces with expensive furniture and amenities; and can transform the look and feel of any space. You can remodel a small apartment with as much innovation as you need to redesign a large villa or a huge medical space. Irrespective of any barrier such as space and money, you can create magic with an effective interior design provided you are ready to take help from an expert interior designer.

We’ve already discussed on how colors can influence your mood and emotional well-being. This blog post intends to create awareness as to how interior design can influence your physical and mental wellness, and promote a healthier lifestyle. Wondering how? Well, we’ve got your back on that one.

How can Interior Design influence my lifestyle?

Sound health is directly proportional to the air we breathe, the food we consume and most importantly, the space we live in. There is a popular saying that you reap what you sow. Living in concrete jungles for years together can not only ruin your physical health, but also your mental and emotional wellness. You cannot eat junk food and expect to stay fit and healthy.

Similarly, you cannot live in unhealthy surroundings – with little or no exposure to sunlight, absolutely no natural air, and expect your mind to be well-functioning over the long run. If we consider Healthcare Interior Design in particular, there are quite a few awesome reasons why interior design is not just paperwork at its best, but a mindful act that can promote healthier lifestyle.

Living in concrete jungles for years together can not only ruin your physical health, but also your mental and emotional wellness.

Design helps balance stress levels!

Patients who enter a healthcare space due to a medical emergency are often prone to high stress and anxiety levels compared to normal people. Keeping in mind their mental conditions, healthcare interior designers focus on creating easy way-finding to reception, emergency and other wards to help ease navigation in complex and large hospitals. This is one main reason why reception desks are placed in the most accessible areas of the medical space. This approach not only elevates the hospital design but also creates a supportive and soothing atmosphere for the patients.

Design gives Psychological Support!

Natural lighting and hospital gardens are the essential elements in Healthcare Interior Design. Anything that cannot be achieved through artificial, despite advanced, elements can easily be attained through an eco-friendly interior design. Mindful design models have always propagated the need for natural elements in medical spaces to help fasten the healing process. Larger medical establishments promote greenery through hospital gardens spread across vast areas, thus creating a natural healing environment for patients.

Anything that cannot be achieved through artificial, despite advanced, elements can easily be attained through an eco-friendly interior design.

Design values the beauty of life!

Interior design is not alien art. It is born from the most natural elements of the living world. If you are confused how, here’s a simple example. Imagine, standing still and staring at the color ‘red’ for a substantial amount of time. It has the ability to wake up the suppressed aggressive nature of an individual. If you replace ‘red’ with ‘white’, it can create a sense of peace and harmony in your mind, without you even realizing it. Colors speak the language of human emotions, and they can significantly influence a human character over the long run. Hence, interior designers are keen on choosing the right shade to ensure that it suits your business, and promotes your brand as well.

Below is an example of how different companies use colors to promote their brand. Trust me, these colors speak a lot about the brand and their vision.

Interior Design is all about maintaining the right balance between the fast-paced lifestyles and eco-friendly habits. Interior Designers believe that an aesthetic, yet minimal and efficient, interior design can create wonders in promoting healthy lifestyle of the residents. Be it commercial or a residential space, creating clutter-free, functionally efficient, and eco-friendly designs can add great value to the life of the residents and visitors as well. **


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