Five noteworthy trends in Healthcare Interior Design!

A paradigm shift in the perception of how medical space interiors are supposed to look like has raised curtains for the evolution of healthcare interior design business. We have more aesthetically pleasing, functionally efficient and environment-friendly hospital interiors now, thanks to the rapid transformation of the design industry.
We are trying to analyse some major changes that the healthcare interior design industry has experienced over the past few years, and have noticed some interesting facts. Here we go with the five major design trends that metamorphosed the industry.
Goodbye to boring and dull spaces: Until a few years ago, it was hard to imagine hospitals as attractive, sophisticated and friendly spaces. Healthcare Interior Design has changed it all. We have patient-friendly, home-like medical spaces with a touch of residential warmth to keep the patients at ease. This has not only revolutionized the interior design business but also changed the face of healthcare industry altogether. What was once perceived as a complex and stubborn place has now become an embodiment of flexibility and adaptability.

Interior Designers play a key role in creating innovative healthcare spaces, while rendering to clients’ requirements and patient needs. As a Healthcare Interior Designer puts it, “Healthcare Interior Design is not limited to putting buildings on a campus; it’s about thinking of a bigger picture, a better vision, and providing leadership.

Eco-friendly designs: Modern healthcare industry is more focused on disease aversion and prevention, which is why increased focus on environment-friendly healing spaces has come into the limelight. Exposure to natural sunlight, fresh air, greenery, interior gardens have added a pinch of serenity and warmth to healing spaces. Hence, more holistic interiors for medical spaces with substantial attention on exposure to organic and natural elements has become the need of the hour.
Patient-friendly hospitals: Besides being hard on your pocket, hospitals have been notorious for being uninviting places. The traditional color combinations, boring interiors, typical furniture and seating areas; old-fashioned reception, procedure and surgical rooms had never succeeded in creating a great impression across the patient community. Healthcare Interior Design has changed the face of hospital design by adding hospitality to the interiors. Reception Desks are converted into sophisticated and inviting spaces, procedure and surgery rooms – transformed into aesthetic and modern areas, patient rooms – renovated to positive and home-like areas; while staff rooms and nursing stations are more productive and comfortable now.
Modern Lighting to suit all needs: Lights are the most basic feature in any space – be it commercial or residential. Unlike traditional lighting choices, modern lighting technologies are focusing on energy-efficient, high-performance, low-maintenance, longer life and more reliable solutions. Meanwhile, LED lights, which are designed to operate for more than 50K hours, have addressed all these requirements in medical spaces. Highly-advanced lighting systems, whose brightness, duration and color can be controlled using electrical control systems, are expected to transform the lighting needs across the healthcare industry.
Colors influence mood and behavior: Colors have become major contributors in the attempt to collaborate patient needs with innovative design techniques. We have moved from monotonous shades to more vibrant and warm colors to imbue a sense of tranquility into the medical spaces. Natural and soothing color palettes and organic shades have become the need of the hour. Moreover, zero-VOC, odorless paints are being widely used to prevent inconvenience to patients and visitors. ##
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