How To Choose The Right Design For Your Medical Space

Deciding on what kind of design you will do for your project is incredibly exciting and the choices are overwhelmingly plenty. Just looking at social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest and one can fill vision boards with so much inspiration that it can become unhelpful. In this sea of inspiration, we would recommend going back to basics and try to approach design not as a style but more of a process. Design is a problem-solving process meant to address each situation creating a space that not just looks good but works well. Remember that trends change but good design will be timeless.

In this blog, we will discuss the 3 C’s of how to choose the right design for your Medical Space.


Align your design with your brand values. What matters to you? What quality of service do you hope to deliver? If your patients were to describe your practice what would those adjectives be? Summarize your brand into keywords and translate them into colors, materials, lighting options, accessories, furniture and all these pieces will culminate into the image of a design that’s YOU. This is a very sustainable process that promises a more authentic design – one that expresses who you are in the best positive light. A trendy, luxurious plastic surgery can benefit from a glam luxurious vibe, but it can also work in an ultra-minimalist interior. A general family practice can do a warm, farmhouse style but it can also be done with a more urban edge. Find the qualities in yourself that you want to communicate and align them to the space you are building.


When you have decided on a look, apply it consistently throughout your medical space. Consistency is being truthful in your medical space interior design, from the moment a patient steps into the office, talks with you in consultations and treatment, and back out again is a sign of care, that you have placed a great deal of thought and consideration all throughout.

Think beyond the interiors and look at the little things that often go unnoticed and curate them into one coherent experience. Look into crafting these unique experiences for your patients; we could never highlight this enough. A bespoke interior scent can alleviate anxiety and build trust. Luxury hotels have done that and you can apply that into your office too. A unique scent can convey a branded memory for patients — our recommendation is to only use scents with essential oil and to be used in balance and moderation.

Read more on the following links on how to improve the patient experience by paying a little more attention to lighting, noise, and restrooms. They are small interventions that round off the overall patient experience.


Finalizing a design doesn’t stop at its initial impact. Think long-term about how this design is meant to be maintained. Never choose a design that will be a pain to clean or will be difficult to sustain. Keeping the interiors as fresh as it was, in the beginning, should also factor in the decision. Matted painted finishes are excellent in hiding uneven surfaces but are notoriously challenging to clean. Design not just for today, design for the future. Read more about what paint finishes to use for a particular surface in your Medical Space here.

Here’s hoping you find the right design that reflects your best qualities, one that is beautiful both inside and outside, and one that will stand the test of time.

Have a question? Let’s talk; we are happy to join you in your journey to an intentional and authentic healing space.

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