When thinking of interior finishes in your Medical spaces, you think of style to match your interiors, and functionality to keep things working as good as new. Medical offices especially need the additional benefit of keeping surfaces clean and sanitary. Don’t you just wish there was a material that works 24/7 in keeping itself clean? Well there is.

Copper is an amazing material whose resistance to microbes works on a chemical level. See, copper release ions that prevent the microbe’s cell respiration, destroying its protective coating and further stopping them from mutating. Its double protection, first by actively killing the cell and keeping them from developing resistance against copper.

Why do hospitals and clinics not use copper fitting as frequently? It’s really an issue of initial cost but if you take stainless steel coupled with regular disinfection and copper, the cost doesn’t seem as great as it once seemed. Give copper a second look, and you can add its inherent anti-microbial properties as a premium to your healing spaces.

In this light, SIMOUR calls on everyone to maintain calm in the middle of this global pandemic by the Novel Corona Virus 2019 (COVID-19). Follow the authorities in their policies to maintain social distancing, proper hygiene, and self-monitoring so we can fight the virus in an efficient and timely way. SIMOUR wishes you and your loved one’s safety and good health.

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