Designing a World-Class Medical Space

“Only through focus can you do world-class things, no matter how capable you are.” – Bill Gates

What does it mean to be world-class?

Medical spaces that aim to be world-class require a different mindset from what is the norm. Being world-class is about being at a higher level. Be it in the level of patient care or the care you put in into the design of your environment, it’s about going above and beyond what is expected of a healthcare space. It is about bringing out your uniqueness and being intentional about building Medical spaces that are places of healing. This blog lists down three things that you need to focus on to design truly world-class medical spaces, what you need to zero in, and what will make the most impact for your patients and practice. Let’s begin.

  1. Patient Experience Above All

    A truly world-class medical space is an environment of healing. With the patient experience forming the core of your practice means everything you decide to build or provide aims go beyond satisfaction but to EXCEED EXPECTATIONS.

    The physical environment you provide says a lot about your level of care and competence, and designing with the patients’ welfare in mind forces you to put yourselves in their shoes. Think of comfort and safety as prime considerations when safeguarding the patient experience. The new normal puts greater emphasis now on safety and responding to it in the best possible way puts your practice in a better position to provide a greater level of care.

    Architecture follows the virtues of strength, function, and beauty – apply them all in designing a well-rounded space that is solidly built, works efficiently, and looks attractive. You can never go wrong following them in creative a positive experience in your medical space.

  2. Walk the Talk, Know your Passion, Communicate your Brand.

    Your individuality, your passion must be reflected in your medical space. That is where your brand, your story, and your values shine as a remarkable spot in the industry and even the world. It is non-verbal communication, a chance to show your patients and to everyone who matters that you can walk your talk. Package your brand as an actionable bible of your most authentic self. It should be actionable because you need to be realistic about your brand’s capacity to deliver on your promises and level of care. You must follow it not just on the logo and marketing but in the actual procedures you implement even in your practice. Even the tone of voice matters in a brand. Having the brand aligned with your external messaging and that includes the interior design of your medical space makes for a practice that looks smart, consistent, and genuine.

    The interiors of your practice must be a continuation of the brand statement. Words that will be associated with your brand must be felt in your space as well. It could be cozy, sleek, or glamorous, and each can shape your space differently. It will be a test of your authenticity so it’s essential to be consistent.

  3. Technology

    Being world-class means looking forward not backwards. It also is being attuned to the technology of the times and how it can improve the workflow and patient care. Incorporating useful tech into your Medical space can come in two ways – in a sleek, shiny new equipment or a discreet digital system. Designing for new technology is about integration and it can come in early on in the planning stage. Doing so can hide all the visual mess needed to power technologies inside your spaces. And speaking of mess, whenever possible, GO WIRELESS – they reduce clutter to make your spaces more efficient.

To be world-class is to be at a level above the rest. These three things are meant to focus what you need to think of to elevate your practice from where it is right now. Look around your space right now and see if you can see rooms for improvement. Uplift your space so it can uplift your patients as well. Are you ready to be world-class? Are you ready to level-up? If so, give us a call for a free consultation and together we can start your journey for a high-performing Medical space you will be proud of. You can do it!

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