Designing a Luxurious and High-performing MedSpa

Being intentional in your interior design can translate to potential increased revenue for your MedSpa. And that begins with CLARITY in your vision and making INTENTIONAL decisions to elevate the patient experience.

Today, let us walk you through one of our projects, and share how we’ve translated our client’s aspirations into a space that promotes a positive patient experience, workplace efficiency, and profitability.

Challenges and Clarity

The project was unique right off the bat. We had to come in midway through construction because the client feels that the previous firm that they are working with is not achieving the design that they wanted. This situation was fortunately offset by the clarity of the client’s vision – to design a high luxury hotel-like setting for the medical spa. SIMOUR Design’s intervention had to rework the flow using existing conditions that were left over from previous design plans and had to make materials that were pre-purchased work with the new way forward.

Given the challenges, we were extremely pleased with how the project turned out, especially the waiting lounge. It has achieved the client’s vision and our design intent to create a luxurious hotel-like setting. We love the fluted wall that runs the entire length of the lounge, and how that texture gave visual richness to an otherwise blank wall. Comfortable seating, complimenting artwork, a warm wash of light all around – all design decisions made towards achieving a common goal. Being clear with the vision is important. Start with that and the rest will flow smoothly.

Luxury through Contrasts

You would think that Medical Interior Design is solely about consistency and order but combining contrasting elements masterfully and thoughtfully can go a long way in achieving the bigger picture. Take for example selecting the color scheme for the project. Taking cues from their brand, the interior colors were a mix of dusty tones of blush and blues – cool colors that look modern and impart a relaxing vibe. In contrast to this are the natural hues of browns and grays – grounding earth tones for warmth and healing.

Comfort is Luxury

How to create a more inviting space? Select furniture that is less conventional, and more comfortable than what is common for traditional waiting rooms. We’re doing luxurious and your furniture should likewise fit the bill. Think of plush lounge chairs with armrests and a nice side table to place some things down. Make seating choices that patients would want to sit on and be a pleasant spot to be in taking their mind off waiting.

Branded Experiences Front and Center

A selfie wall like that whole accent wall with the custom signage of the company’s logo is a great way to enjoin your patients to share their visit to your spa with their friends. Make it a photogenic spot, a brightly colored backdrop where your brand can pop out along with your patients’ selfies when they check in to your spa. When they do share these photos online, that becomes a free promotion for your brand as well.

Built-Ins for a Classy, Integrated Look

Anything built-in or customized all drive the narrative that it is special, one-of-a-kind, and having your interiors look like an intentional space where everything has a place and that they are in their right space helps to make your space look classy and professional. Built-in alcoves like those at the back wall where retail products can be displayed beautifully reduce visual clutter and become a feature that patients would want to look at like art. Locating these not just in the public lounges but in the private consultation rooms subtly and effectively increase cross-selling revenue potential for your practice.

Aside from the level of service, patients tend to account for the macro perception of their environment and factor them into the whole experience. A truly effective Medical Interior Design can have meaningful connections that convey to clients that you are a world-class facility, that you go the extra mile and that the patient’s experience matters. This goes well in building a good reputation for the quality of overall service that regularly brings in new clients and converts them to repeat ones. Give us a call right now at (310) 359-1200 or drop a consultation request so we can start your journey in achieving a world-class and high-performing medical spa.

To know more about this project, watch this video.

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