Finding the Right Space for Your MedSpa

“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” – Earl Nightingale

Are you planning to open your own MedSpa and do not know where to start?

Well, first and foremost, congratulations on starting your own practice! As an exciting part of your journey, building a world-class MedSpa begins with INTENTION and TRANSFORMATION. From the way you think, the way you plan, and the way you bring experts to help you – all these are essential to building a space that represents WHO YOU ARE.

On this blog, let us guide you through navigating one of the biggest decisions to make – finding the right space! Scouting places where you should be building your medical spa is like Goldilocks finding the one that is perfect for your needs and vision for your practice. How do you find the right space that can set you up for success? How to go about it and what questions need asking? Let’s find out!

Assess the Unit

The biggest question when assessing the actual space for your Medspa is “Is it big enough?”. More so, will it support your short-term or long-term growth plans? This brings into the equation your vision and clarifying it early on ensures that you are getting a space that supports your growth.

Every inch of your space counts, and getting the most out of it influences your MedSpa’s profitability. Are there opportunities to expand your Medspa’s treatment offerings in the foreseeable future? Do you foresee taking in more clients and consequently more staff in the next 5 years? Can the space you’re looking at have opportunities for lateral expansion, or maybe add more floors within the same building? Flexibility in designing your medical interiors can be made more future-proof if you secure a space that can grow with you so consider the possibilities.

Assess the Location

It can never be overscored how important it is for any Medspa or for any other business for that matter to get the location right. It all goes back to the core of your brand and understanding who your target customer is and what conditions they might find themselves conducive to. Profiling your target clientele can spell out an ideal location for your MedSpa to be.

And if you are already looking at actual sites, it is important to assess each location effectively by asking the following questions. First, will the neighboring businesses provide opportunities for you to gain new clientele? Second, can their services complement your practice? Examine each location from the site outwards, looking at the immediate neighbors, to larger areas within the vicinity. Is this a location your target audience would find appealing for a Medspa visit? Is it conveniently located? Can I do more things here like dine out or grab a coffee? Look out for competitors but mostly lookout for complementary businesses that can drive in your ideal clients.

Assess the Building

Building Management is key and will factor heavily in supporting the daily life of your Medspa. Learning this ahead of time enables you to make informed decisions before signing off on a lease or keep looking for other sites. During ocular visits, try to examine all around the operations of the building whether in front of the house or behind the scenes. Check for systems like how they deal with emergencies or security, overall cleanliness, and for signs that the building is maintained well. If your Medspa is occupying part of a larger building, remember that patient experience can start way before they enter your actual premises themselves.

It will also be very helpful for your decision-making process to gain insights from current or past tenants regarding their experiences with the building management support.

We hope this guide gives you an overview of the hard questions you need to ask before selecting a space that’s right for your medical spa. Clarify your vision. It’s a great way to know what kind of environment you see your Medspa to be in, and also aligns with the sensibilities of the people you most wish to serve. The good news is, you don’t have to go through this exercise alone. Call us right now at (310) 359-1200 or drop a consultation request here so we can discuss how we can help you build your dream medical spa. Have a great day ahead and we wish you all the success in your journey!

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