Decking the Halls with Holiday Spirit

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The holiday season is now upon us and there is no reason why your medical office can’t be dressed in along with the festivities. Whether celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah, your Medical spaces can still have touches of sparkle and color to light people’s spirits. Here are a few tips to help you get your medical spaces into the holiday spirit.

Think Themes

When you think decorations, we suggest you close in on a theme, color scheme, or concept that will tie everything together. Working on a general theme is the framework that will reel in your choices when buying decorations and ensure that when you are finished, everything will be cohesive and intentional. Curate your decorations and ornaments to achieve a unified look. Avoid matchy-matchy, but keep elements that complement each other.
Colors can become the cornerstone of your theme. Traditional color combinations like red and green, gold and silver, blue and silver are always safe bets but the rise of metallic, rose gold, and jewel tones are also up-and-coming hues.

To catch the trend, farmhouse chic with their flocked tree and rustic woodland-based aesthetic is a modern twist on tradition.

Elements and Scale

Draft a plan of the decorative elements you would want to have in your space. It could be as big as a Christmas tree or a Hanukkah bush, or even smaller elements distributed throughout the space like wreaths on doors, garlands in a staircase, boughs or simple vignettes in a tabletop. Walk through the space and feel the flow. See how these elements could work together or if they seem excessive. Your medical space is still a place of work; decorations should in no way hamper the work that you need to carry out. For example, a tree should be sized with enough clearance from the ceiling and given enough space around to be fully appreciated.

Take into consideration the scale of these elements in relation to the space. If a full Christmas tree is out of the question, consider a tabletop arrangement of tree branches in a vase hung with delicate ornaments. Surfaces that are usually left bare like tabletops can host small holiday vignette-like bowls of colorful ornaments, pinecones, or evergreens. Use traditional Christmas elements like wreaths in unexpected ways. Instead of limiting them to doors, hang them on bare walls, lay them down on tabletops surrounding a grouping of candles or hang them in the middle of window frames hung from the top by ribbons. Think also of small touches placed in unexpected places like in bookshelves or even in the restroom. They will bring in surprises of festive color in otherwise overlooked locations.

Light it Up!

Consider lighting these decorative elements to make them come alive. There are many options to choose from; twinkling lights now come in different colors, color temperature as well as functions. For a traditional look, stick with the steady warm white lights. Although they may look festive, avoid flickering lights; it may appear jarring, especially for a professional setting. Keep in mind the atmosphere you are looking to create; this will be the basis of the warmth or temperature of the lights you select. Now there are general choices such as light, warm light, cool, and white. Keep into account the mood of the space. The warmer, the more intimate your space will be.

Connecting these lights to your existing power sources is often resolved by using extension cords but recent innovations like battery-powered fairy lights enabled lighting isolated arrangements without having the need for cables. Take care that you do not overload your power circuits with too many lights. Read through their safety instructions often included in the packets about how many strings of light may be connected to a single plug.

Edit, edit, edit.

When you installed all of your festive elements, take a step back and look with a critical eye to what works, what does not, and what can be improved. Piling on more decor on decor is easy; editing until it becomes a cohesive beauty is the hard part. We have always championed allowing your medical spaces to be the best representation of your brand. We invite you to edit your decor to match the message of your interiors.

Dressing up your medical space with some holiday sparkle is always a great way to bring in the joy of the season into your professional space. It is an excellent to boost morale for your team and a festive treat for your clients. Keep the reason for the season in your heart as you deck the halls — to show love and care for your environment and team, and to give your patients an incredible experience full of joy and excitement for the new year.

Wishing you and your family happy Holidays from Simour Design!

P.S. After the holidays, please remember to recycle. This is how we give love to our planet.

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