2020 Medical Interior Design Trends

Designing medical spaces that truly heals is our mission. It is behind every action we do and the basis of every project we undertake. As we welcome the New Year — the new decade — let’s look at the trends that will define the future of medical spaces in the coming year.

  1. Multi-Purpose Spaces

    Planning your medical space for multiple functions makes sense, especially for smaller offices that require optimum use of every inch available. Flexibility in these spaces allows for more options with patient, allowing for multiple uses in one single area.

    One example can be the exam room. Intentional space planning can integrate functions for consultation, diagnosis and treatment all in one space. Zoning is key, and providing soft partitioning devices like curtains that can be hidden out of sight when not in use, allowing for instant privacy when needed.

  2. Technology

    As technology integrates even further into our daily lives, so must medical practices. Tech had the explosion in the late 2010’s and by now in 2020, it has become the standard. Jump in and automate as many processes as possible. Medical spaces need to adapt to the latest advancements that the industry can offer, not just in the equipment for new procedures but in the interface that your office has with your clients. Touch screens through check-in are indications of a smooth and modern medical practice, and can add that extra sense of luxury to your practice.

    File handling and organization can truly benefit from available technology. Keeping paperless records through EMR (electronic medical records) helps you access medical records faster and from any designated device. Building an in-house server can also set-up a system of access to grant and monitor access into your office’s files. Information at your fingertips when you need it spells convenience for you and your patient.

  3. Modularity for Growth

    The rule of thumb is to allow 30% growth for your practice, whether it be storage or capacity. Modularity, or interchangeable and linkable storage, is an excellent way to scale up or down effectively. Designing for a system that is based on modules allows for the flexibility of growth with the least amount of disruption necessary.

    Using modules for cabinetry, for example, allows for offsite fabrication and minimal time for installation. Working with a uniform commercial grid ensures that all dimensions for your interior fit-outs will work with commercially available materials with minimal wastage of time and material.

  4. Sustainability

    Sustainability as a concept pushes business to choose for responsible options that are environmentally sensitive, produce less waste, and use up smaller amounts of energy to manufacture. Using LED Lighting which years ago were thought of as novelty is now the new normal. High-performance rubber flooring that are PVC-free and even low-VOC doesn’t just fill the flooring requirement, but also contributes to better air indoor quality.

    The market has been incredibly receptive to invention of these sustainable choices that don’t compromise on design intent. Review the data sheets of each material and review the manufacturing process when deciding your final selection. The sustainability train is clear and unstoppable. As healthcare facilities jump in with the trend, the choice to go sustainable is becoming more prevalent.

  5. Nature

    Bringing nature into your medical space will be big this year. With the increase of technology, human psychology allows for a balance of nature and tech by harmonizing the natural elements with their technological complimentary. Some medical spaces may increase in the use of live plants. Potted plants are the perfect way to bring live nature into your interiors. Plants such as the Mass Cane, Spider Plant, or Snake Plant, to name a few, may also help purify stale office air.

    Many offices opt for a natural color palette. The use of neutral colors or even pastels – mint green or sky blue — add to the soothing and calming effect ideal for medical spaces. Wood in large swathes like floors, walls or accents will bring in the familiarity of nature indoors. If you’re looking to add or change the color in your space, feel free to download our 2 Page Color Guide.

  6. Service

    When reviewing past experiences of hospitals and doctor’s offices from the early 2010’s, there is always an element that it counterintuitively lacks – hospitality. Now, many healing spaces have stepped up and placed patient service first. Service elevates the level of care for patients, showing that healing begins when the patient first steps in. This is an experience that combines luxury with comfort. It feels homey, welcome, and cared for in a very beautifying way.

    The concept of concierge service in the healthcare setting brings the positive effects of luxury service to the medical industry. This is our mission for Simour Design. We design spaces that allow for better communication and care between the staff and patients. When we have a human-centered design, the psychology, branding, and service tie together in harmony to indicate the level of success and performance of the business.

Simour Design is committed to responding to these trends, offering each client the best medical space design. Our commitment to building current and responsible offices is part of building a medical space that truly heals.

Cheers to a wonderful year from our family to yours!

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