Choosing the Right Art for Your Medical Space

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” – Aristotle

Artworks help define the personality of the owner and the space. It uniquely presents your personality through the environments that you create that reflects your taste in beauty is important to establish a great first impression, especially to your patients. Choosing the right art for your Medical space can be intimidating but it does not have to be. SIMOUR takes you on a simple guide to get you started on what to look for when choosing art pieces that will make a positive and lasting impact on your environment.

  1. Vision

    Art is powerful communication; it has the capacity to convey so many thoughts and emotions to an audience even without use of words. As such, art must serve its purpose by aligning it to your practice’s own vision and mission. It must convey the deeper aspiration of your company to uplift its patients and to inspire productivity among your team. Being surrounded with art that is consistent with your brand messaging whether through color or theme is a great way to extend the cohesion between the brand and space. What message do you want the artworks of your space to say about yourself and your practice? Start with your vision and choose your artwork with purpose.

  2. Location

    Before anything, you need to identify what places or surfaces will benefit from an artwork. Are there bare walls that can hold a painting, a shelf that can hold a sculpture, or could you possibly have a double-height atrium that can host a show stopping mobile? Location is key because positioning can greatly affect the impact of an artwork. Speaking of impact, there is no reason why art can be used as functional pieces in your space. Take this graphic print that doubles as a sliding door picture below.

  3. Scale

    Now that you have the location down, scaling an art piece based on its context should be the next consideration to check, You may have artwork already on hand or is planning to purchase one in the future, getting the size of the work can help you determine its suitability to its intended location or at least streamline your search to ones whose size will fit the space nicely. It is a delicate balance between being too big and being too small. A good rule of thumb is the viewing. How much space will be needed to fully see the piece? The artwork is an accent, it needs to make its presence felt and be able to “inhabit” the space to fulfill its purpose.

  4. Visuals

    Visuals are about the content of the artwork, its themes, colors, materials. It can mean the vibe it is giving off or what the artists have intended for observers to take away from his piece. For your purposes, we recommend choosing art that carries themes that are generally positive, upbeat, and calming. Abstracts usually create a nice contrast in a crisp and sleek environment. Colors that share your branding’s palette are best to form that kind of continuity but so does a contrasting color from the opposite side of the color spectrum. Do not also be afraid to reflect on your own personality in the type of art that you choose. Your practice as an extension of your professionalism will transcend to your patients while they are on site. Being personable and relatable is a foundation of trust and building affinity with your patients by showcasing art that they can enjoy adds into a positive patient experience.

Art is often thought of as mere finishing touches to a space but choosing it intentionally and with purpose can do your space and your practice a lot of good. More than just beautification, a well-chosen piece of art can convey to your patients the refinement of your taste and an extra level of attention you give to your service. Let SIMOUR Design empower you in building a world-class medical space. Give us a call right now at (310) 3591200 or drop a consultation request here. As always, we wish you an intentional and successful journey ahead.

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