Periodontics MD

Our project for MD Periodontics embraces a modern design concept with a sleek monochromatic gray palette for furniture and fixtures. A standout feature here lies in the play of textures and finishes—incorporating frosted glass, antique mirrors, and polished chrome as defining accents. The careful fusion of these elements crafts an inviting yet luxurious interior, striking a balance between opulence and warmth.

Beyond aesthetics, this design isn’t just about looks; it’s about creating an environment that speaks comfort and efficiency for their patients while fostering a professional and uplifting space for their team. The thoughtful use of textures and finishes aims to evoke a sense of calm for patients and a conducive, inspiring atmosphere for the dedicated team at MD Periodontics.

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dr-abby-image2-before-e1565514878584 dr_abby-simour-0003
dr-abby-image3-before-e1565514978475 dr_abby-simour-0009

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