How our VR Services Can Save You Money

“Design is thinking made visual.” – Saul Bass

Using virtual reality (VR) services in interior design can maximize your costs by providing realistic visualizations and allowing you to make informed decisions before committing to physical changes. Here are some things to help you see what the advantages are and how to leverage VR for cost savings when building your medical practice:

Errors Cost Money

On average 10-25% of your construction cost will be lost through errors. If you had a $300,000 budget, that’s $30,000 – 60,000 worth of your hard work lost! With construction prices constantly going up expect this number to keep rising as well.  Errors like these usually come from either side of the process – the owners with their inexperience or a change of mind midway, and the designers whose lack of expertise can severely underestimate the complete scope of a medical office. These errors, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can snowball into far-reaching consequences. Changes in schedule, confusion in coordination, and additional costs in labor and materials are all too common effects that will pile on that can strain the budget. We have been advocating intentional design so we can deliver on the business goals of the practice and having these uncertainties pop up is inexcusably avoidable.

Informed Decisions through Accurate Visualizations

Engaging our VR services is meant to be a completely realistic view of the space you are going to be building. Imagine the insights that can be gained when you experience, albeit in digital form, the space you’re working on, seeing its size, its ambiance, and the effect that it conveys. Construction drawings are only effective up to a certain degree and can only show limited vantages and information, and VR services will be particularly helpful to our clients whose understanding of technical drawings might be slim to none.

We make it easier allowing you to see your entire space in realistic detail even before you dive deep into construction. Our 360 VR Service is so realistic that not just the size of the room is true, but the size of each material and fixture is scaled to reality. Any uncertainty on our client’s part can be made clear more effectively if it was made visual, and more experiential.

This way you can see if it’s aligned with your vision, feel secure with your investment, and not have to make costly design errors down the line.

Coordinate Effectively and Efficiently

Time is of the essence in construction, everything is so fast paced with multiple people working on different things. Not everybody has access to each other, and VR serves as a great tool to communicate the design with anybody, and everybody involved in the team. Not only do they have the interior construction drawing to guide them but a full 360 visual guide as well. It clarifies details and aligns everybody’s understanding of what we are planning to build. Decisions can be made collegially between the different stakeholders, so they are all on board.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

When you begin marketing your medical offices, think of these 3D visualizations as much more effective advertising to excite your potential clients. They will think of this as a visual preview of what to expect and hopefully lead to pre-bookings so they too can experience your new space.

By leveraging VR services in interior design, you can streamline the decision-making process, prevent unnecessary expenses, and achieve your desired aesthetic —all leading to significant cost savings. We’d love to show you how our VR services work and how it complements our design process. You can book a complimentary consultation by giving us a call right now. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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