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Here at Simour Design, we are intentional in improving patients’ experience in your Medical Spa through interior design. Today, we demonstrate how the use of various material elements can create new experiences in your medical spa from a designer perspective.

Materials Play a Crucial Role in the Patient Experience

To begin, notice the lounge area to this Moroccan-inspired design. An architecturally impressive medical spa reception! Even more, this area also evokes a luxurious feeling. Through the strategic use of materials like quartz, wood, and marble, this medical spa provides a welcoming experience for patients. The wood accents introduce a natural element to warm up the space. Furthermore, the contrast of the dark walls to the white flooring, ceiling brighten, and lighting create a timeless Design; a timeless space for patients to experience.


Resplendence Med Spa in Beverly Hills, designed by Simour Design


The 5 Senses Tie Together Your Medical Spa Brand

Lastly, this 3D Rendering of an east coast med spa illustrates harmony through the use of a combination of textures, color and most of all, natural light.⠀

Although the space may be small, it is powerful. The light accent fixtures on top bring the eyes upward. This results in a luxurious welcome that is on the tip of snug yet allows all of the elements of a world-class medical spa design. All in all, beautiful interior design provides a balance of all 5 senses: taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound. When designing the waiting room for a Medical Spa, consider all aspects pertaining to the senses. For instance, the lighting and natural light of the room, to the material of the seats, and color of the walls for your medical spa.


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