Design Tips for Medical Spa IV Therapy Rooms

“Details matter. It’s worth waiting to get it right.” – Steve Jobs

IV Therapy is a popular service many medical spas offer today. It’s a simple and passive procedure that involves the environment as part of the therapy. As such, the design of your Medical Interiors must step up and be an active part of the healing experience itself. Today we share with you these design considerations to keep in mind when designing your IV Therapy facilities, what to design for, what furniture to provide, and how to elevate the experience for patients during their stay.

  1. Provide chairs that are comfortable, adaptable, and social. Choose seating that supports various postures: upright sitting, perching, lounging, reclining, lying down, etc. A common fixture is a reclining seat – the ones that extend fully from a seated position to a full recline complete with a pop-up footrest. The key is versatility – the patient must not feel so constricted or confined to one position for the remainder of the procedure and a chair that allows them the freedom to lounge as they please. This attention to comfort elevates the experience on top of the therapeutic effect of the IV drip itself. Consider seating options that are plush, and one that evokes a feeling of being sheltered like a high-back chair or one of those avant-garde egg-shaped pods. Also, chairs should be commercial rated for durability, and preferably not light colored for stain resistance.Think of seating as part of the support system, a chair that physically and instinctively looks comfortable, inviting, and safe. Seats that are wide enough like loveseats can easily seat two people together or is a roomier option for one patient. IV therapy is not always a solitary situation, opportunities, where patients can sit together or be accompanied by a companion, can make the experience more social than a medical situation.
  2. Tables must be flexible, multi-functional, and unobtrusive. They must do double duty as a to place refreshments on or possibly as a surface to do some work. This expands the variety of activities that can be done while undergoing IV therapy. We suggest a mobile overbed table that can serve as an end table, a beverage counter, a game center, or a work desk. A cantilever table can even go under the chair and bring the surface as close to the patient’s position as they like. They can go places where an ordinary table cannot go which allows itself more possible uses for anyone doing the therapy while sitting down. The wheels also make them flexible to be placed wherever and put away when not in use.
  3. As much as possible, design the spaces to feel informal and hospitable. Treat your interiors to be sanctuaries of comfort and wellness. Lessen the stuffiness of rigid hospital environments when choosing materials and decoration. Create a haven where patients feel at ease. Delivering the highest level of comfort will set your IV Therapy experience apart from the rest.
  4. Include open storage so people can help themselves with blankets, tissues, water, etc. For added comfort, we suggest having blanket warmers available in the room for your patients to use. Make your provisions visually and physically accessible removing barriers that might discourage people from taking supplies that they might need while on therapy. However, we advise to keep it on a low volume and organized at all times.
  5. Bring natural light in with large windows and skylights. Natural lighting can have such magical effects that improve the well-being of patients and staff alike so providing as much natural light is highly encouraged.
  6. Make it easy to adjust lighting levels in private and semi-private spaces. Dimmers can do the job physically to set the desired ambiance for a space. Personal task lamps whether for reading or doing a certain task while a particular spot can deliver the needed illumination without infringing on the other you share the space with.

An emerging trend in IV Therapy facilities in medical spas is the provision of multi-layered spaces that address levels of care, control, and privacy. Highlighted here is the freedom of patients to control their environment and enable them to create a bespoke level of comfort. Address this need and you guarantee successful IV facilities – one that makes patients want to go patronize time and time again. Let us help you make your own MedSpa a haven of comfort and desirability. Call us at (310) 359-1200 or drop a consultation request here and let’s start your journey towards a truly healing Medical space.

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