21 Design Tips to Improve Your Med Spa Retail This 2021

“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.” – Zig Ziglar

In designing world-class Medical Spas much focus is given to the public areas, the reception lounge, the treatment rooms, and such, often overlooked are elements that if given more attention can really turn your practice around. Retail and spaces devoted to them are great opportunities that can drive more revenue into your practice. They should not be made haphazardly because like in so many things there is an art to how they are made to create that desired effect. As we enter the year 2021, we give you 21 design tips to boost your Med Spa Retail game, to dive deep on what can be made better, build exceptionally effective displays, and take advantage of every opportunity to deliver even more value to your medical experience.

  1. Create pleasing compositions in how you arrange and present your products. It will help you drive more sales and contribute to the visual harmony of your space.
  2. When displaying products for a Med Spa, consider the “Showcasing Method” which involves displaying a few samples on the shelves rather than mass merchandising. This creates a less cluttered and more premium feel.
  3. Place your latest products and keep your high-margin products at eye-level in well-lit positions.
  4. Display related or complementary products together as this will encourage customers to buy in sets.
  5. Apply the shelf trigger technique called “triangular balance”. It works on the ideas that our eyes tend to go to the center of the picture. Play with your products’ placements to put emphasis on your best products, to drive more sales.
  6. Create a shelf talker that shares messages such as “We have more of your favorite retail products. Please ask for assistance”.
  7. Your medical spa’s retail area should reflect your Med Spa brand. This is particularly important if you are marketing your own brand and line of products.
  8. Products should be displayed at least 3 products deep, organized by category. Consider using shelf talkers to help clients understand your products. Be sure to have testers available for all products and that they are easily accessible.
  9. Your retail display should always entice a positive image. If it’s disorganized or messy, it can unconsciously throw off your client and have the exact opposite effect you want to have – aka incentivize purchases.
  10. Retail space must be easily seen by clients and accessible from the lounge. Nothing is going to sell from behind the front desk or a glass case.
  11. Re-merchandise monthly and have a featured product area.
  12. If possible, locate retail spaces on the right. 90% of customers turn right unconsciously upon entering. This maximizes the high-impact first impression.
  13. Avoid having seating space in the retail area. When customers stand, they shop. When they sit they read.
  14. Allocate ample storage for retail stocks. Maintain visually clean shelves and minimal product display.
  15. Wall units take on a new life when a retail graphic is placed above it. A retail graphic visually organizes the display, communicates your brand, and draws immediate attention to your products.
  16. Allocate space for a feature/launch table to highlight new products.
  17. Built-in shelves combined with freestanding units add interest and makes for a more interesting shopping experience.
  18. On the way to the check-out, you want the client to buy retail products, so the check-out desk (if different from the check-in) must be part of or accessible through a retail area.
  19. Make retail part of the patient experience. It is possible to have smaller retail areas throughout the medical spa, including in treatment rooms especially if you do not have space for all the products.
  20. Retail area must be well-lit with appropriate use of ambient, accent, and high-impact lighting.
  21. Store additional inventory in a secure location either in the retail area or back of house.

Building an effective retail space for your Med Spa is not just about selling products, it is actually a great way to further your branded experience into products your patients can bring into their own homes. So mind your retail area with the same regard you have for the rest of your Medical space. Trust us that your patients will read into it as a whole and they will remember the lengths you went to deliver a positive and convenient experience.

Give us a call right now at (310) 359-1200 or drop a consultation request so we can talk about adding more value to your practice and your patients’ lives too. Have a great year ahead, and we wish you a prosperous and amazing journey ahead!

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