Design Ideas For Your Dental Space

“Design is intelligence made visible.” – Alina Wheeler

Close your eyes, and imagine walking in a dental office. What can you see? Most would probably visualize muted walls, a dull, lifeless, and boring space.

Thankfully, with the growing appreciation to medical interior design and its tremendous effect to improve patient experience, more healthcare professionals, including dentists are taking the initiative to enhance their dental space for a more positive and memorable healing journey.
Today, let us walk you through some of our recent projects to give you meaningful design ideas on how you can transform and elevate your dental space with medical interior design:

  1. Mission Hills Dental

    Dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized dental care, the space that we have designed for Dr. Arash Razi, is a place where patients can easily feel comfortable, safe, and ready to heal.

    During the design process, one of our challenges is to create a storage space that would showcase the client’s high-tech machine for his patients. To address this, we have created a niched storage space with a stunning grained marble wall to fulfill the client’s requirement.

    To complete this timeless and sophisticated oral healthcare facility, we have also used reflective materials such as metallic-like wallpaper, polished tiles, and mirrors to illuminate and enlarge the space.

  2. MD Periodontics

    A delightful surprise for its patients, MD Periodontics’ interiors evoke a modern and sleek décor. Standing out from most medical spaces, it features a monochromatic gray color scheme that helps achieve its clean and elegant look.

    We’ve also strategically used different materials and finishes, such as frosted glass, antique mirror panels, high-gloss flooring, and polished chrome accents to create this uniquely luxurious and equally welcoming space.

  3. Rifkin Raanan & Dr. Laurence Rifkin Cosmetic Dentistry

    Warm and luxurious, the space that we have designed for Dr. Rifkin, features a color palette with hues of taupe, charcoal, and white, to convey a message of dedication, warmth, and new beginnings.
    The main focal point for this cosmetic dentistry clinic is the eye-catching floor to ceiling glass wall of their laboratory that aims to showcase the very intricate process of making veneers, and other dental products, which the client is renowned for.

    Additionally, the space also features a posh lounge equipped with a concealed beverage bar area, custom reception desk, dramatic light fixtures, and curated selection of furniture, to evoke the luxurious experience that their patients can look forward to when they visit this dental clinic located in Beverly Hills.

An intentionally designed dental space is a foundation for a successful practice. More than the aesthetics, medical interior design helps you integrate function, beauty, and your brand to ensure an encouraging space for YOU, your patients, and your staff to be in.

Are you ready to take your dental space up to a world-class level? Let us share some insights and help you on your medical journey. Talk to us at (310) 359-1200 or drop a design consultation request here.

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