The Art and Science of MedSpa Design

“It’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.” – Steve Jobs

Designing a successful Medical Space demands a dance between art and science. Tempering these two into one cohesive environment ensures that your offices only stand up to exacting medical requirements but that they also function efficiently, are places of beauty, and will set you up as a world-class MedSpa. As design professionals that have dedicated expertise with medical interiors, we would love to share how we combine the art and science of design to create exceptional, custom spaces that set doctors up for success.

Science of design

  1. Color Psychology defines specific emotional responses for colors. Using this method carefully can create the desired moods for any given space, to create a positive connection with your patients.
  2. Usability Engineering (UX) – UX based design to determine efficient work & traffic flow within space planning. UX considers the dynamics of what makes the experience of your Medical space usable as a system.
  3. Human Factors & Ergonomics based design are principles focused on designing for the user’s optimum comfort, maximum efficiency, and safety.
  4. ADA & Building Code Regulated Design are specific regulations for general construction and design safety as well as designing for inclusivity with differently abled individuals.
  5. Technical Expertise & Experience in various specializations can help maximize your time and your investment for your medical space.
    • Lighting Design – Knowledge of ideal lighting requirements (lumens & temperature) needed per each room. Ex. consult room, surgical room, waiting lounge are treated differently. We have written a lot about it and we cannot underscore enough that Lighting matters.
    • Medical Design – Specific knowledge in the types of medical requirements each room may need and what to accommodate for. Ex. Surgery centers, procedure rooms, laboratories. Familiarity with the industry makes the translation of a doctor’s vision into reality.
    • Materials denote the knowledge in knowing what material is needed per space depending on the type of traffic the room will have, the type of equipment or durability the room may need to endure, the type of chemicals the room must be susceptible to.

Art of Design

  1. Communication through Design – Careful integration of brand message, colors, and visuals into the overall space can deliver a positive branded experience.
  2. Elements of Design – Careful use of line, forms, space, light, color, texture, and patterns within the space for a cohesive and balanced aesthetic look. This creates the overall mood of a space. After considering all the requirements from a scientific aspect, we now bring it together so that it does not look clinical. We strategize the overall space to provide it with an aesthetic look that is cohesive with your branding, and connects with your patients.
  3. Visualization – We help visualize the design concept (3Ds) prior to execution to ensure the plan is according to the client’s expectations, needs, and wishes.

Medical Interior Design is a specific expertise that gets better with constant study and experience. We cannot underscore the importance of getting the right people on board when you design your Medical spaces. For one, they would have a firm grasp of the industry and have a familiarity to deliver on your vision. The knowledge they will have on current trends, technological advances, and the experience they have accumulated will undoubtedly be beneficial to your project as well. So, if you’re ready to start your journey towards a well-rounded Medical space – one where patients feel at ease and where the staff is empowered to deliver quality care, give us a call at (310) 359-1200 or drop a consultation request here and let’s get started!

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