Building A World-Class Practice

The medical industry is phenomenal. Entering an industry that already has many other medical practices can sometimes be daunting and confusing. With different aspects of marketing, design, and services, the industry is becoming more challenging to position and differentiate yourself from the rest. In this blog, we gather our experience in Simour Design working with some of the best Medical offices and doctors on how to build a world-class medical practice that resonate with patients creating trust and and enthusiastic response.

  1. Know Your WHY

    Building a world-class practice brings into question — what do you want to offer the world? What makes your heart sing? Why are you doing what you do in the first place? Why should a patient choose you over another practice?

    We base this search for “Why” from Simon Sinek and his theory of the Golden Circle, in which he argues that the core value of a company, more than its products, drives sales and success into the business. He uses Apple as an example of a company that knows their true WHY by “thinking differently” whose out of the box thinking gave the world the iconic products that carry the Apple DNA. He adds that people subliminally respond and make decisions based on a company’s values that are reflected in their brand.

    Building a world-class practice is also building a good brand for yourself. It should explain why you are PASSIONATE about what you do, what you care about, and why it should matter to your potential patients. Thoroughly knowing your “why” is the best foundation to build confidence to market yourself well and gain the trust of people you want to attract.

  2. Have A Super Star Team

    Having a super star team can mean hiring the right staff, working with the best colleagues, or getting the right expert professionals and consultants. The key is to surround yourself with these high quality and high performing people because it can only lead to outstanding work. When building your Medical space, hiring the right team from the beginning design to opening day will ensure a smooth and clear journey. Orchestrating the team to realize your medical space dream can be simple and straightforward when you follow these 4 steps to qualifying your contractor. It’s essential to get qualified team members onboard such as architects, interior designers, MEP engineers, any specialty and/or business consultants, contractors, and brokers with the right expertise. The most important element is to choose each team member who inspires trust in you, because they will be the authors of bringing your vision to life.

  3. Get Clarity

    Don’t be afraid to dig deep into research because knowledge is power. Even if you do not have the the time yourself, delegate the work to your staff but always review the information. Building a successful practice is also an investment in yourself to better equip yourself on how to manage your business well. You can work with a business coach or strategist, a respected mentor — again, as long as they are someone you know well and trust, who can take your ideas and give you relevant advice. We talk a lot about this process as a journey so in this quest for clarity, you will need to have someone to keep you level-headed, focused and grounded on the bigger picture.

    Building a successful, world-class practice begins with a strong intention and ideas. Keep these keywords in mind – passion, people, and perspective. Know your passion, surround yourself with quality people, and clarify your perspective, and you will be on your way to an amazing world-class outcome.

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