World-Class Mindset: Intentional Interior Design, Successful Practice

“What you think, you become” – Buddha

Did you know what the number one cause of a negative review from patients is? It’s waiting too long in the waiting room.
The truth is most medical office waiting rooms are uninspired or uncomfortable spaces that don’t do much to alleviate any patient’s anxiety. While patients still do go to doctors willingly, the experience is one that is full of dread, and that is where we propose a transformation – a change in mindset so that the practice of healing becomes an experience that is apparent as the environment where it takes place.


No matter the scale or the specialization, we urge any practice to think of creating for a world-class audience. It’s manifesting what you internalize. What does it mean to be world-class? It’s a shift of perspective from mediocre to world-class, its elevation, it’s bringing the values you represent to a whole new level beyond where you are now. It doesn’t take too much, it’s the extra that separates the extraordinary from the ordinary.
To start with, we urge you to stop calling your waiting room a “waiting room”. The truth is no one likes to wait. Terminology matters and it helps set the tone for the overall experience. Start calling it a “Lounge”, and think of a warm, cozy, and comfortable five-star hotel lobby. That’s the welcome and environment that your patients would appreciate being in.


Vision is incredibly important for any endeavor and the success of your medical space must begin with an amazing and actionable goal. It becomes the destination at which all your design decisions must be measured. All strategies that you will be doing must answer if it serves the purposes of achieving the vision you have set out for yourself. Seeking clarity also has the practical benefit of threshing out the essential from the unnecessary. It can save you time and money and ensure that all efforts are aligned with your goals in mind.

Ground your vision by understanding the audience you wish to serve. Knowing the market, and exceeding their expectations is a great way to ensure that your practice is bound for success. By delivering value in the experience and the services you provide, you pretty much set yourself up for more clients that speak highly of you, trust, and are loyal to you.


Your brand is important to create a message that is clear, targeted, and deliverable. As far as branded experiences go, your interiors must reflect the same values you speak for. If you position yourself as a luxury medical spa, you need to make consistent messaging in all forms of communication whether online or offline, and that your medical spa does indeed look high-end and luxurious. You would not want to have budget customers in an upscale establishment; their willingness to spend will not match your price point. Being consistent is key in finding yourself in the correct community. The community you seek is the audience you wish to cater to.


Are you delivering an experience that’s worth sharing? As much as environments go, the experience also goes into the level of care that one will get to experience while in your space. Putting them to a higher standard whether it be in their uniforms, their decorum, the level of cleanliness they maintain the place to be is all part of the spirit that animates the environment. Delivering an experience that is pleasant, positive, and pleasurable is an experience worth sharing and in this age of social media, that will bring you more success.

To be world-class is to be at a level above the rest. Focus on what you can become, not what you lack. Look around your space right now and see if you can see rooms for improvement. Uplift your space so it can uplift your patients as well. Are you ready to bring your practice to a whole new level? If so, contact us for a complimentary design consultation, and together we can start your journey for a high-performing medical space you will be proud of.

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