Why Branding Matters for Medical Spaces

“When the offline experience at your medical office matches your online branding, you’ll earn your patient’s TRUST.” – Mitra Silva

What makes your practice special? Is it the service? Is it the staff? Is it the medical interiors?

See, whatever it is that makes your medical practice special is key to making you stand out better from the rest. Often, you’ve probably encountered the word branding being thrown around, and there is a big misconception about what it is and what it entails.

Starting it off, let’s define the word itself: a brand is a name, term design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers. Moreover, the whole process of branding for medical practices is an exercise to define a unique selling proposition and align your visual communication with the patient experience.
Branding is not just a buzzword, it’s essential to thrive in the digital economy. There is great power to do the branding right as it promises so much opportunity for the success of your practice and we’re here to shine some light on why it matters and how you can set up your brand to reflect your practice’s most desirable self.

Branding Matters

In this digital age where everyone has an online presence, branding has become an effective way to assign a personality to any company out there. It has leveled the playing field and a small practice can be just as visible as an established office. Mastering the art of online communication can drive more prospects and more opportunities to close a sale. Branding works as your systematized playbook for controlling how your story unfolds. The logo is your identity, the colors are your support graphics that recall back to your identity, and the tone of voice becomes a personality that humanizes interaction to your patients.

This online phase is this stage of the encounter and becomes the first impression where you can make the right impact to grab and retain their attention. A well-curated visual identity through logo and typeface, a curated social media presence, and an active response protocol like chatbots lets you be more visible and accessible. You need to make a good impression, communicate a brand story that will target the desired audience, and allow that audience to reach out in the smoothest way possible.

Branding Puts You Ahead Over the Competition

Because everybody is on social media nowadays, there is greater competition to get your message across. Having a well-designed brand that markets who you are, what you stand for, and what sets you apart can help you be unforgettable or at least get you into a shortlist for your patients’ attention. Branding is your chance to highlight your best features, your credentials, your experience, and even the Medical Interior Design. Having these front and center will let your potential clients get a better idea about who you are and what they can expect if they do engage with you.

Branding Lets You Find Your Target Audience

Putting thought into your brand can not just cast the net for potential clients but control how wide a net it reaches. Targeting your audience and tailoring your brand to attract them is working smart. A general medical practice will need a much wider reach than a specialty med spa designed for an exclusive niche. Positioning is key because it’s no use broadcasting to a general audience when you have a specific segment you’re trying to attract. Being thoughtful about the brand and carefully crafting the messaging to be more specific in terms of appearance and voice can help deliver the clientele that you desire.

Branding Builds TRUST

Ever heard of the saying that trust is earned? Branding works to earn that trust by laying your cards out there and letting the complete experience be a cohesive and enjoyable encounter. When your brand reflects your most authentic self, everything will fall into place because it will be coming from a place of consistency that is not just for show. If you position yourself as a classy, exclusive, high-society brand online, you need to deliver on that offline. You need to live up to the patient’s expectations. This is where your brand passes on the torch to your offline presence where the brand comes alive as a tangible experience. Failing to deliver will be a letdown that you will not be able to rectify. Having broken the trust, you cannot expect them to come back nor be glowing sources for recommendations to others. Trust is earned after, all right? Build the brand as layers of truths that are self-evident, and promises that are kept at all costs, then you will have a brand that patients will trust and even more so love.

When crafting your brand, you will need to know your WHY – the reason why you do what you do. It will also be helpful to lay out what your mission and vision are. It will be a key insight for patients to listen to how you see yourself in the present and the long term. And lastly, what truly makes you different? – What promises can you make that you most definitely can deliver on? Try to work out a preliminary semblance of what your brand is truly all about and it will make the whole process an enlightening one. While we are no branding experts, we at SIMOUR Design can help walk you through the process of creating the perfect synergy between your brand and your medical interiors to deliver a message of trust, and credibility and achieve a space that your patients would love to visit.

We’d love to be part of your journey! Contact us today to sign up for a complimentary design consultation call. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

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