Where to Start When Building or Renovating Your Medical Spa

“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.” – Zig Ziglar

Deciding to renovate or build your Medspa is easy, figuring out where to start is considerably harder, overwhelming and at times confusing. Most of our clients come to us with a lot of questions – Where to start? What is the process? All very valid questions which we are always willing and eager to answer. The process of building or renovating your medical spa must begin with clarity to make intentional choices to set you up for success. It is a huge milestone for YOU and your practice, and an investment that should be geared to success above anything else. How do you start? And what do you need to know?
On this blog, let us share four things you need to pin down to create a world-class medical spa:

  1. Clarity

    Before anything else, it would be best to determine your vision and mission for your practice. It requires a bit of introspection on your part, to get into the root of your core. What is your Why? What is the bigger purpose? Setting the vision and aligning your concept with that vision is an essential step in building a world-class practice. Your team cannot do this for you. They will not be able to realize a successful medical spa if you are unclear and unsure. Claim your success early on and be firm on your vision and everything will fall into place.

  2. Budget

    Setting a realistic budget is key to planning with purpose. It keeps you grounded, working within a framework that is attainable and reasonable. It keeps you disciplined and lets you focus on what are the essentials and non-negotiables. Working with a budget means you are building within your reach and that you are building intentionally a successful medical spa. It is best to ask for a preliminary budget breakdown for construction from your designers or builders. Additionally, it’s always best to plan to add around 20% contingency on your budget. A lot of factors affect the prices like, scope, schedule, and scale. Also account that each state or city may have its own standards for construction pricing which must be reflected in your budget.

  3. Timeline

    Sticking with a schedule is as much an exercise in discipline as working within a budget. It takes precious, finite resources like time and making the most out of that to complete the task of completing the project. You can rely on managers to oversee the progress being made but you should be firm on keeping track as well. If you can’t delegate the task to your internal staff then consider investing in a Project Manager. It’s a group effort that may have more significant effects on you and your bottom line too. A promise to deliver your med spa on time is a commitment to serve clients at the earliest possibility. We, at Simour Design, also offer a Full Service Design + Execution service that aims to lead and stay on top of the project’s progress. This service covers the legwork of coordinating, orchestrating, and keeping tabs on the progress, on your behalf. Too many cooks can spoil the soup as the saying goes, and one management can lead the group into completion, on point, on time, and on budget.

  4. Team

    Building your med spa is also about you building YOUR team. This begins with working with a team of experts who specialize specifically in Med Spas or Medical Interiors. They have experience and expertise, as well as quality workmanship to deliver satisfactory work. It ensures that the people you involve in the realization of your vision are both knowledgeable and capable of delivering what you envisioned for your medical spa.It also saves you time, money, and stress from committing and rectifying avoidable mistakes. Below is a list of the usual team composition when building or renovating your medical spa:

    1. Medical Interior Designer
    2. Architect ( specialize in medical)
    3. General Contractor (specialize in medical)
    4. MEP Contractor (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing which is one engineer)
    5. Additional possible teams: IT company & Project Manager

    The team must involve a medical interior designer to create the plan and safeguard the design intent for your medical spa, so that the visual clarity of your concept is translated into the final space. Medical Interior Design professionals are specifically equipped to design for Patient Psychology and experience first before the usual design technicalities. This makes for an intentional design process that accounts for the patient experience, as well as the knowledge in the specific requirements for the medical environment to provide better workflow for you and your team.

    Engineering the interiors so that it has the proper utilities in place is a job for an MEP Engineer. MEP or Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing are trades that will figure immensely to make your space functional. They will work in tandem with the designers to make sure that everything is wired well and piped-in properly. Also consider including an IT team to integrate as much tech into your space. They are increasingly becoming a major part of any Medpa for office operations and efficiency so it is best to include them at the Planning stages.

    Lastly, you would also need a General Contractor – someone who has the know-how of delivering the plan into reality. Check for references and demand for samples of works. If possible, do ocular visits of previous projects so you are assured of what you can expect from their quality and workmanship.

Are you ready to take the leap to building your new Med spa? Follow these tips to get you started for success. We have always likened the building process to a journey, and we sincerely wish you all the best in starting your own. Let SIMOUR Design be part of your team so we can lend you our experience and insights in creating a beautiful and successful medical spa you will be proud of. Give us a call at (310) 359-1200 or drop a consultation request here. We’d love to hear from you soon!

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