UV Lighting: Disinfection in a Whole New Light

Imagine a disinfection system that works even while you work too?

The medical industry has always been on the lookout for modern, efficient ways to deal with circulating pathogens that pose great risk for Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s). Disinfection through different methods include established protocols, manual chemical cleaning, and technology aid have been making headway over the years for a worthwhile opportunity: ultraviolet technology. UV Light and its biological use has been around since the late 1800’s and its application for germicidal irradiation has grown tremendously over the years. Today we will discuss the basics and benefits of Disinfection by UV Light and how you can bring its benefits into your own medical space.

What is UV Light?

Ultraviolet is a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths that range from 10 to 400 nanometers (nm). Niels Finsen put it into medical use to combat the lupus vulgaris or tuberculosis of the skin gained him the 1903 Nobel Prize for Medicine. UV comes in three categories measured by their wavelengths from long to short: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. UV-C the short wavelength light becomes the object of importance for the Medical and Dental professions because of its germicidal applications. The way Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) works is that controlled doses of this particular light molecularly disarms a pathogen’s capacity to function or mutate.

However, UV-C is not without its faults. These conventional UVGI Lights are a human health hazard, with exposure being linked to skin cancers and cataracts. UVGI technology has found most of its usefulness in sterilizing tools, drinking water and even air purifiers where the presence of protective enclosures protect humans from exposure.

How can you use UV Technology for your Medical Spaces?

  1. Ultraviolet Tools Sterilization (for general, medical, dental use)

    The most common and practically the easiest way that UV technology is present in most medical practices is the use of a UV sterilization cabinet used to disinfect tools to ready them for use. Aside from traditional autoclave or dry sterilization machines that rely on temperature to do the work, UV allow for several benefits like less corrosion for metal tools, less cool-down time since it doesn’t use heat to do the disinfection, and it allows for other less compatible materials to be sterilized other than heat.

  2. Room Air Sanitizers

    SANITAIRE® carries room air sanitizers that work for occupied settings. Fixtures are available in a number of different configurations to adapt to virtually any setting. UV room air sanitizers can be mounted in a ceiling, on a wall, or are available for fixed or portable use. For the Air is drawn into the fixture through a washable, electrostatic, particulate filter and forced into an ultraviolet exposure chamber where it is irradiated by germicidal ultraviolet light. Purified air leaves the exposure chamber through the louvered exhaust panel.

  3. Area Sanitizers

    SANIDYNE® on the other hand carries models for the unoccupied setting with a powerful UV light assembly that irradiates the air and all exposed surfaces of entire rooms. Like the air sanitizers, they can also be sized accordingly from a table top model to one that comes with wheels for portability and easy placement. SaniLIGHT® and SaniRAY® carry simpler light irradiators that can be wall or ceiling mounted that also work best in unoccupied settings. Depending on the size of the room and air changes per hour required by the application, fixtures can be sized accordingly.

  4. Air Duct Disinfection Systems

    Ultraviolet air duct disinfection fixtures can be used in two types of applications in HVAC equipment: treatment of the airstream or treatment of the surfaces within the air-handler. With the proper system design and installation, the moving air can be disinfected with germicidal ultraviolet light. Typical residential systems are sized for a minimum, nominal 80% bacteria deactivation rate, commercial applications for 90%, and up to a 98% deactivation rate essential for hospitals and pharmaceutical laboratories. AeroLogic ® fixtures are designed to install inside new or existing HVAC air ducts. They deactivate airborne microbes inside the ducts so that the air entering the room is free of bacteria, mold, and virus.

  5. Upper Air Disinfection Equipment

    When duct installation or room air sanitizers are not the most ideal, germicidal ultraviolet light can be utilized with fixtures designed for upper air disinfection. Fixtures from Atlantic Ultraviolet’s Hygeaire® line targets the space above occupied patient areas, a directed system that irradiates only the air above through convection currents and cascades fresh, sanitized air below. The system proves effective at reducing infectious microbes and further reduces the risk of HAI’s.

    A new development, Far-UVC is a narrow spectrum of UV measuring 207-222 nm exhibit the desired germicidal benefit without damage to human cells. This breakthrough effectively expands the application of UV from just sterilizing tools and instruments to disinfecting broader spaces safely even with human presence for active disinfection. Furthermore, Visible Light Disinfection by INDIGO-CLEAN® uses a spectrum of light about 405nm a little over the range of general UV that can work at continuous environmental disinfection safe for human exposure.

Part of making a high-performing medical space is making the latest technology work to your advantage. Making use of UV technology in making sure that the Medical space you offer is safe will go a long way to make your patients feel secure and valued. Being on top of these latest medical developments is part of SIMOUR’s commitment to create amazing Medical spaces that bring out your own value to your patients. Give us a call now for a quick consult, have fun with the process, involve the experts and take as much advice so you can be informed and have peace of mind to serve your patients with positivity and awesomeness. Here’s wishing you an enlightened journey ahead!

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