How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Medical Office

“Everything is based on a simple rule: Quality is the best business plan, period.” – Steve Jobs

Choosing the right furniture for your medical practice is an important design decision as much as the actual interior design itself. It completes the space and might introduce positive effects to your business in the long run. Whether in the aesthetics of your space or the productivity and efficiency of your service, the right furniture can elevate your medical space into a successful one that your clients (and even your team) will love. What to consider when choosing furniture for your practice? Find out below.

1. Safety

Top of the criteria before anything else is safety because you cannot be a place of healing and wellness if you choose furniture that can cause more harm than good. Choosing furniture that can stand up to a wide range of patients is essential for medical spaces. Furniture must be able to accommodate and work for different body types, weights, and required support. Take for example a chair, what is it made of? Can it support patients without buckling? Imagine the unthinkable in case a patient ends up overloading a chair. Not only have you opened yourself up to liability if they seriously get hurt but likewise embarrassed a patient into never coming back. In cases where elderly care can require lifting equipment, care must be exercised to ensure that it will not fail. Furniture can become agents of care in a wider healing environment so you need to choose them carefully as well.

2. Ergonomics

Coming off safety, ergonomics also to an extent answers the safety requirement in that it considers prolonged use of furniture and ensures that they perform the support needed for the tasks. In a broader context, ergonomics is for productivity and performance. For example, do you see those ergonomic office chairs that recline, rotate, and can be adjustable in all ways and then some? That adjustability allows it to conform to any person’s level of comfort despite the prolonged use and whatever tasks need to be done. Choosing these ergonomic features allows the staff to be supported by the furniture they do the work in.

3. Durability

Durability is a test of strength. Furniture must also be viewed as part of the investment that needs to perform at a certain level for a given amount of time. Aside from the standard medical functions, the recent pandemic also brought to light the question of maintenance and sanitation. They need to stand up to rigorous disinfection and as such the materials must be considered for this. For example, the upholstered fabric doesn’t allow for surface cleaning as much as more impervious materials like leather, stainless steel, or even plastic.

4. Branding

Being on brand means that you are aligned with your messaging and are consistent with the expectations of your clientele. Medical spaces can benefit immensely from this branding consistency because the expectations of comfort can also range from one client to another. Comfort can appear as interiors that are ultra-luxurious to rustic homey – maximalist to minimalist. This is particularly important because meeting their expectations is key to building trust and delivering the desired experience. That in turn turns clients into returning ones, those that will generate more business and bring in new ones. Will a high-wing back chair in tufted leather work in a sleek minimalist interior? Will a stainless steel bench work in a luxurious tropical-themed Medspa? How to choose brand furniture must be made in tandem with a designer who understands both the medical protocols and the design direction you have agreed on. Curating the furniture to match the interiors into the larger branding can be done through mood boards where the look and feel can be seen even in small snippets. Appreciating it early on ensures that you choose the right furniture beforehand instead of finding that you’ve chosen it poorly later.

5. Versatility

Versatility offers your medical spaces flexibility to allow them to be relevant in more ways than one. Having furnishings that were chosen to be part of a curated interior design doesn’t limit their use for another space or another design aesthetic altogether. This versatility is another chance for equipment to do double duty and be configured for a variety of procedures. Imagine the revenue generation potential if you can do any procedures in any treatment room, not to mention the time saved for your patients and staff waiting for space to open. Introducing mobile furniture so that it can be actively positioned wherever needed is a move towards versatility. Carts and casters can turn any room into a treatment room if the equipment can be easily gathered and assembled at a moment’s notice. Computers and monitors stacked on a mobile cart save floor space as well instead of occupying precious shelf space at the beginning.

We’ve always talked about the importance of intentionality here at SIMOUR Design and including the furniture in the spotlight highlights how everything plays a part in a successful medical space, and nothing is left to chance. Furniture is not just accessories; they are an important aspect of your medical interiors and an absolute essential to your medical service. If you need more tips do not hesitate to reach out to us and book a complimentary design consultation with us soon. Have a wonderful day ahead!

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