Designing Medical Offices with Intention

What does it mean to be intentional?

Intentionality is working with purpose. Seeing the goal clearly and ensuring that the path towards that goal is made more direct and unobstructed. It can make any endeavor easier, simpler, and more possible. How do we take intentionality into the design process of building Medical spaces? Why does it matter? What does it mean to owners, staff, and patients to be in an intentional environment? That’s what we will be diving into today in this blog.

Intentionality Reduces Stress

Going through the process of building their first or expanding into multiple locations feels like a gamble for any owner. It’s the fear of the unknown more than anything and we can say with confidence that being intentional works to take all the guesswork out of decision making and allows owners to make empowered choices based on sound data and grounded on solid professional advice. Building with passion and purpose doesn’t have to be an emotional rollercoaster. It’s a joyful journey that should allow for a smooth building process and enable owners to focus on more important pursuits.

Intentionality Ensures Profitability

When we say success has a formula, we mean that there are certain goals that we have identified to be achieved in the design process to make your project a financial success. Profitability is a factor of a successful office and one that we actively need to plan for at the earliest possible level even before discussing the actual design itself. How much space do you need? What services have proven most attractive for clients? What are the essentials in carrying out the best workflow for a medical office? Space allocation with SIMOUR Design’s 70% threshold for revenue-generating spaces, for example, puts an actual figure you need to hit to be able to optimize your real estate to its full potential. A Cost Opinion process means that all expenses are accounted for budgetary purposes so you don’t overshoot with spending. Being intentional means, we can forecast what the trajectory of the business will be in the foreseeable future and ensure that you are planning for a space that will be relevant and profitable until then.

Intentionality Saves you Time and Money

When thinking of saving time or money, the most common route business owners usually go to is going Do-It-Yourself (DIY). Thinking that you can save some money by taking on the work yourself. Sure it may save you money initially but that is something that can potentially end up costing you more over time. Professionals are experts. They have experience, knowledge, and training to do the work to the desired performance. Whether it be a designer, a real estate broker, a consultant, a builder, or a tradesman they all have their place. Taking on work yourself just to save a buck puts unnecessary liability on the project and shortchanges your patients with professional –level work. DIY also opens the project up to mistakes and costly do-overs. Time is a resource you cannot afford to play with when working on a schedule. If doing it right the first time is being intentional, then winging it yourself is going completely the opposite way. The right people for the job are out there and seeking them out is not just the right thing to do but the world-class thing to do. Doing Things Yourself will not end up being the wisest choice.

Intentionality Accounts for Growth

Planning for growth comes from a place of positivity and hope. Being intentional about the success of the project means you understand that the office you’re building must already be future-ready to take on more clients and services. Multipurpose spaces instead of pigeonholing them into rigid assignments can pave the way for spaces that can be easily converted in the future with the least amount of cost and disruption. Planning for this entails placing provisions that may seem redundant but are the groundwork for future space reassignments. Storage solutions that can grow with your office like modular units ensure that storage can be increased over time as the need arises.

Intentionality Increases Productivity

Productivity is not just achieved through systems but through environments. Space Planning that creates a natural flow from one space to another allows patients to navigate the medical office instinctively and arranges meaningful proximities between treatment, recovery, and support.

The saying “Happy staff, happy business” underscores the importance of manpower to the operational life of your practice. Providing a workplace that brings out their best work and supports their well being indirectly supports your clients as well. From the floor they stand on to the chair they sit in, Ergonomic design allows them to carry out the job effectively, and safely.

Intentionality is largely about attracting the best outcomes for your business. By being clear on your vision, you can build on what you have planned for exactly: the audience you attract, the patients you retain, and the revenue you deserve. It empowers you to take calculated business risks without unnecessary stress. What SIMOUR Design ultimately wants for every practice is to realize its fullest potential for success, and do it right the first time around. That’s a journey worth taking part in, a journey that is worth celebrating, a journey worth taking.

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