What’s the difference between a Medical Interior Designer vs “Regular” Interior Design?

Design is powerful. It has the power to define the experience of the indoor environment and getting the right interior designer for your project can greatly affect the realization of your vision and the success of your practice. When trying to select a suitable designer for the job, you might encounter and wonder what separates a decorator, a regular Interior Designer from a Medical Interior Designer. A decorator can do the job if the scope is small and the objectives are more superficial needing simple design interventions. Interior Designers are on a whole new level and will be more impactful when onboarded much earlier and on a bigger scale. Before we go further, we’d like to get this out of the way and say that SIMOUR Design is not a decorator. Although we also do interior decorating, our skill set as medical interior designers are much more intentional, making it just a part of a larger puzzle we’re trying to deliver to our clients.

Medical interior designers are those who specialize in healthcare environments with a deeper understanding of the unique requirements for medical spaces, considering the custom requirements each specialization will have.

In today’s blog, let’s dive in and share with you the top reasons why working with experts (medical interior designers) can set your practice towards the journey to success:

  1. Medical Interior Designers Understand the Business Side of the Practice

    A Medical Practice is not all about care and service, it’s a two-fold operation – your designer needs to know that the project entails delivering a positive patient experience and a profitable business venture. It’s a balancing act that affects each other and makes sure that both are equally given the same amount of thought that can ensure a successful project in all measures of success.

    Medical Interior Design is as much about beauty and profitability, and they don’t need to be compromised to achieve balance. A world-class mindset brings forth a world-class practice and with it a world-class cash flow.

  2. Medical Interior Designers Understand Patient Psychology

    Patient psychology is an insight that is gained through exposure and experience. Knowing the deep-seated psychology of your patients and knowing how to address them through spatial interventions is a gift that you can only expect from Medical Interior Designers. To serve the patients is to know the demographic and address their anxieties about making these medical visits. It’s about winning hearts and garnering trust. It’s about knowing what comfort means for any audience wherever they may be. Serving these patients is to serve the broader community.

  3. Medical Interior Designers Recognize Specializations and their Differences

    Within the medical industry itself are specializations that vary in scale and scope. Medical Interior Designers are more poised to know how they differ and what technicalities they need to be prepared for. A medical spa, Ophthalmology, Dental, and Surgical centers are just a few but they have differences and need special provisions that will be completely lost to any regular designer. That is shortchanging the project to reach its full potential.

  4. Medical Interior Designers Know the Medical Workflow

    A Medical Interior Designer is more equipped to know the exacting workflow of Medical procedures, understanding that interaction with patients, and how the grueling medical protocols for care need to be reflected into your medical office design. Optimum adjacencies between staff and patient rooms are best understood by Medical Designers and the need for Ergonomic considerations will affect patient experience and delivery of service.

  5. Medical Interior Designers Has the Formulas for Success

    The Cost Opinion Process is the process by which every expense is accounted for to understand how the project is composed and budgeted for. This aids YOU in understanding how each element costs and is evaluated based on its value. It ultimately empowers owners to make data-driven decisions made on solid information. This level of transparency includes the owner in the building process as an informed participant.

    SIMOUR Design’s Profit generating formula works to assess how space planning itself can allocate spaces to generate the best financial outcome for the practice. Going back to business awareness, a Medical Interior Designer will be most helpful to make a successful project based on these formulas to deliver a project that is transparent and worthwhile.

  6. Medical Interior Designers can orchestrate the Team to Realize your Vision

    Working with a diverse team in a project can become problematic if each member will have a different measure of success. A Medical Interior Designer can help navigate through the process by being involved from the very start until the very end of the project. They can harmonize the works to deliver on time, on budget, and specification. They can act as a client’s representative to carry out the vision throughout and explain thoroughly the technicalities of the works.

The biggest benefit to hiring a specialized Medical Interior Designer is that you are bound to get the Interior Design you deserve. Your medical office is an investment, and there is no bigger safeguard to protect that investment than by letting the best people handle it for you. Book a complimentary design consultation today; we’d love to hear from you. Here’s wishing you an amazing and intentional journey towards a Medical space that heals.

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