Designing a Luxurious MedSpa

“Luxury is in each detail.” – Hubert de Givenchy

How do you make your Medspa luxurious? Is it about costs? Is it an aesthetic style? Luxury goes beyond what it looks like, true luxury is all about the experience. A medspa that promises luxury should be more holistic in what it aims to achieve because luxury, like beauty, should be skin deep. Simour design believes that the key is to tap the senses – sight, sound, smell, taste, and feeling ticking all the boxes that can stimulate a positive and memorable patient experience. Let’s begin learning to design for luxury using the 5 senses!


We, as human beings, are very visual beings and getting this down early on as soon as they step into your reception area can help your Medspa get an impactful first impression, imbue the environment with the correct ambiance, and deliver your brand’s message.
Visually, aim to keep your clients calm and relaxed and this can be primarily achieved by selecting the right colors, making things cohesive, and organized. Colors are very powerful tools and they can convey specific feelings to space as color psychology suggests. Work with soothing colors, starting with the secondary colors in the color wheel, and even consider the brand’s identity to give it continuity into the Medspa itself. Clarity in the visual language of your space will make your space more polished, and consistent. Arrange items sparingly and symmetrically, create a look that is uncluttered, balanced, and pleasing to the eye.


Ensuring that your Medspa has good acoustics means you get a handle on making your interior sounds modulated without reverberation, and insulating your interiors by keeping unwanted noise out. Make consultation rooms conducive to carrying a conversation comfortably and of course, ensure that it is soundproofed properly for patient privacy.


Textures are to touch what colors do for the eye. Describing things as soft can connote comfort while inversely anything described as sharp will heighten anxiety. Aligning these with your messaging can result in a space that people would want to be in. Surfaces whom clients regularly interact with, like furniture, can be selected accordingly. Plush seating in a reception area can get your clients settled in more quickly than any hard, cold, steel bench.


Taking a direct approach to control the smells inside the Medspa can elevate the experience just as much as making the place look good. Why not think of a custom scent for your Medspa, you can then have it diffused either through a regular diffuser or even in the HVAC system for a larger broadcast. It could be one scent like jasmine or lavender, or a concoction that’s specifically made for you. That scent can be an olfactory calling card, giving sense memories of a delightful visit to your Medspa.
Mind where you place your beverage station as their aromas can spread and might even clash with your room scents. Ensure toilets, staff rooms, or breakrooms, and if you have one – a laboratory is properly ventilated and exhausted out so odors or fumes don’t seep out into the public areas.


So you have built a Medspa that’s a delight to see, hear, smell, and touch. Why not round it off with offerings that will delight their taste buds as well? Having a beverage station with drinks and snacks for clients while they are waiting or are having their treatments, can go a long way to make their stay pleasant and memorable. The key is to make your Medspa less like a hospital and more hospita-ble.

True luxury is being attuned to what delivers comfort and peace of mind to your clients. It’s about delivering an experience that they will not easily forget and one that they would constantly seek out. Designing for luxury is an investment for effective Medspa experience that accrues in time with a positive brand image that inspires patient loyalty. How can we help you make your Medspa more luxurious? Give us a call today at (310) 359-1200 or drop a consultation request here. Let’s make healing spaces that exceed expectations together.

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