Interior Design for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Maternity!

Pregnant women are the most valuable contributors to healthcare business given that they are required to follow-up for future healthcare needs and are accompanied by partners and family. Throughout the duration of inpatient stay, a first impression widely contributes to amazing patient retention rates, and mouth publicity for your business.
Although medical science has developed most advanced drugs for so many gynec conditions, one thing to keep in mind is that mental health plays a major role in overcoming issues related to reproductive health in women. In this regard, this write-up exclusively discusses the effect of interior design in gynaecology healthcare spaces, in general and expectant mothers in particular.

It is not rocket science when we say reproductive health is directly proportional to the balance of mental, physical and intellectual health of a woman – which means body, mind and emotions. Given the stressful lifestyle of modern women, the number of visits to gynec healthcare spaces has dramatically risen across the globe over the last two decades – as well as a rise in high-risk pregnancies and premature childbirths.
More number of visits means more financial profits – also resulting in more stress to maintain good patient retention and patient flow.

In the words of Alena Sakalouski, leader for women’s health at HDR (Minneapolis), “Childbirth is increasingly being seen as more of a normal life event than a medical condition that has to be treated, so patients are expecting to see more of a relaxing environment”.

Gynec healthcare facilities not only involve obstetrics services, but also include areas for child care such as Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) for critical care, infant care units among others. Mandatory areas include labor and delivery rooms, spacious toilet rooms, operating and postpartum rooms, NICUs, special care child, and newborn child nurseries, family rooms and sleep areas among others.
Meanwhile, an adequately-spaced maternity ward, and patient room that accommodates family members and visitors is a mandatory obligation as per the modern labor and delivery trends. Owing to the mandatory inpatient stays, it is necessary that gynec clinics and maternity wards are sophisticated and well-equipped to address patient needs during pregnancy, birthing and healing processes.

“The three things that women wanted most commonly during labor are: having a clean room, being able to stay in the same room throughout labor, and being able to walk around. Most women also wanted the use of an en suite toilet, space to move, and a comfortable chair for their birth partner.” – PERKINS+WILL RESEARCH JOURNAL / VOL 06.01

Speaking about space needs, personal space has become a mandatory requirement for expectant mothers and new mothers, owing to which most clinics are considering creating a private path, which restricts entry for visitors, normal patients and supply staff, to help ease anxiety and stress on the patient. One latest trend in healthcare interior design for gynec spaces is “to provide kangaroo chair (facilitating skin-to-skin contact between parents and baby after birth) and a bistro table for postpartum family meals.”
Hence, Interior Design in Gynec healthcare spaces is more of creating a welcoming, healing and nurturing environment for both expectant & new mothers as well as the newborn babies.

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