How to Save Money in your Medical Interior Design

Moving, renovating, expanding, or establishing your medical facility is such an exciting time in your career! This is the opportunity to put into reality what you have always envisioned for your own facility, or to make the changes you have always wanted to make. Embarking on this journey means investing your time, money, and effort to accomplish your dream space and second home.

To ensure you get the most value out of this endeavor, keep in mind these three factors: investing your money in the wisest way, keeping your team in harmony, and having your brand represent your authentic self in the project. These factors will be further explicated using the 3 C’s:

  1. Concept

    Everything starts with an intentional concept and core story. Have a clear vision of the feeling you will have when you walk in every day, your mission statement, your location, and your target demographic You logo is part of your branding; this translates the same message from your website to your interior design. Branding embodies who you are, who you are for your team and how you will serve your patients. Treat your brand as an extension of yourself and feel how empowering it is to create a physical masterpiece and working business.

    Once you visualize your concept and have your mission, the company’s branding naturally follows. A well-made brand book may help you visually understand your message and aesthetic. A brand book holds guidelines that include your brand’s history or story, values, and aesthetic. Because it may be structured and presented in many ways — namely, through a digital compilation of your inspirations, a slideshow of features you want in the space, or a physical book — who you are is clearly expressed. Another important aspect of knowing your concept is you know who you are not; some features align with your brand that you would not expect, while others that you have held onto do not work with the overall cohesion of the brand.

    You will be able to differentiate your non-negotiables and what you may compromise once you have the full vision.

  2. Cost

    How do you know what budget to set? How do you know what is a realistic timeline? When you have the opportunity to sit down with a team of trusted professionals, they will grant you a clearer idea. We recommend getting in touch with healthcare consultants who specialize in your field. If your team has not yet been committed, do your research to find a professional who you can trust. When you have a trusted consultant with a history of your specialty, the initial cost will be higher; view it as it is an investment in the accuracy for the vision of your dream space. Once you hire a designer, they will create the map for the contractor to produce a bid. Both designer and builder prepare a detailed and itemized cost estimates of the scope of work and the equivalent cost.

    Understanding the costs of your space is all about awareness. Be conscious and intentional in what you determine as an investment and what is not. Have in mind where you can compromise and what is an absolute must for the space can save you both time and money.

  3. Clarity

    Saving money — and more importantly, your sanity — depends on the journey from early conceptualization to your grand opening. Just as an orchestra produces beautiful symphonies, each instrument or team member must perform their best to harmonize. Having clear, concise and direct communication is key for a fantastic experience.

    Clearly define each person’s role when working with your team. Have a dedicated point-person to communicate final decisions and approvals, and make sure everyone knows who to report to and how often to update. Miscommunication, no matter how seemingly unimportant, can accumulate and push back the schedule; time wasted on delays and missed emails is preventable by putting a system in place. We recommend having a dedicated client drive folder that every person on the team can access and add. This saves so much back-and-forth of important documents, revisions, schedules, and approvals are to be updated systematically and distributed to all involved to ensure crystal clear communication.

Last Thoughts

Broaden your definition of what savings — not only are you saving money and time, but also confusion and chaos. To better understand, use a few suggestions: create a brand book, ask for a professional’s expertise, establish communication within your team. By establishing these three C’s, you have the freedom to build the medical space that all started with a passion of your heart and a dream in your mind.

Translating the value of your brand into a medical space that truly reflects you means finding a designer that matches your prestige and one who understands your mission.

Simour Design is a firm that specializes in healthcare interior design. Our team understands the special touch for medical spaces to make it productive, sustainable and most importantly, part of the healing journey.

At Simour, we design spaces that heal.

Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your healing space.

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