Elevating your Medical Office through Interior Design

“Exceeding expectations is where satisfaction ends, and loyalty begins” – Ron Kaufman

From capturing the patient’s attention, getting them into your doors, and ultimately delivering an excellent experience – the path between online and offline interactions with your medical office becomes a series of opportunities to show that you’re a world-class practice.

There will be a lot of things you will have no control over your business but the one thing you can always control is the patient experience. Your medical office is the visual representation of your brand. It must continue the visual language of your brand, and must also support efficiency, to bring out an unparalleled experience for your patients.

Today we trace this path and determine the ways where your Medical Interior Design can seal the deal – earning the patient’s trust, making happy, satisfied, repeat clients out of them.

  1. To make your Medical Interiors work at their best, they must be:

    • Comfortable and Welcoming – recognizing that patient psychology impacts how one will experience the space. Understand the inherent anxiety medical spaces usually have and you will design a space that will appease and relax patients. Elevate the experience by providing a lounge with comfortable seating and a hotel-like ambience for your patients. A hospitality setting and less hospital-like is bound to make repeat clients out of your patients.
    • Clear and instinctive – so that patients and staff will find ease in navigating your medical office. Start with an intentional space planning that creates efficient and meaningful adjacencies that cut back on legwork for patients and staff alike. Less back and forth from one place to another and having whatever is needed always close by.
    • Consistent – because consistency is a mark of focus and quality – that no detail was left to chance. Make your interiors a continuation of your visual branding. Take cue from your brand’s colors and place them prominently into your interiors. It could be an impactful accent wall of subtle hints in art, furniture selections, and even through the service that your team provides to your patients. The key is being intentional in your design selection, to achieve a space that truly represents who you are, and your brand as a doctor.
  2. Excellent experiences, Exceeding expectations.

    We cannot overstate the importance of delivering EXCELLENT patient experiences. This rounds off the entire process from the moment they encountered your brand online to having the actual visit and coming out of it feeling positive and satisfied. It is the difference between staying on as a client or going down the street looking for another doctor. Be aware of the expectations you build from your online branding and ensure that they are met when they do decide to make an appointment. Treat the succeeding interactions after they enter your premises as a part of the first impression. Develop a system that standardizes how the staff interacts with patients, how facilities are cleaned, sanitized, and maintained. Being always in your best shape whether in cleanliness, service, care, professionalism and keeping it at that bar will compound into an experience that inspires patients’ trust.

    There is a saying that it is better to underpromise and overdeliver than over promise and underdeliver, we cannot agree more. Imagine the patients feeling happy or satisfied at having their expectations met if you can manage, even exceed them. That is how trust is created and sustained, building relationships with clients that will stay with your medical practice for the long haul.

    And on that optimistic note, we wrap this journey on how to elevate the patient experience from online to offline – through interior design.

Are you ready to bring your Medical Interiors to another level? Give us a call right now at (310) 359-1200 or drop a consultation request here. Here’s wishing you all the success with your medical practice and building relationships with patients that last.

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