Creating Healing Spaces using Healthcare Interior Design

Interior Design is an integral part of all crucial conversations revolving around healthcare innovations and architectural revolutions. Healthcare Interior Design can pull out some of the most complex medical issues from the roots, thus paving way for the eradication of more complex diseases in the long run.

“The question is not what is the cost of architecture, but what is the cost of not having architecture.” —Paul Farmer, Founder of Partners In Health

While reading the works of a world-renowned architect, Co-founder and Executive Director of MASS Design Group, Michael Murphy, I constantly reminded myself of the fact that architecture has the ability to positively transform clinical care as much as give way to potential new epidemics. Founded in 2010, the MASS Design Group has expanded across ten countries and three continents. The group is working to create environments that promote health and dignity.

Besides the common belief that Healthcare Interior Design helps create healing spaces and promote wellness, my experience has reiterated that an incorrect design can hamper treatment outcomes and recovery rates, thereby make little or no contribution to healing.

Buildings are not simply expressive sculptures. They make visible our personal and our collective aspirations as a society. Great architecture can give us hope. Great architecture can heal.

Architecture can create designs that make use of available space to accommodate more residents; as well as those that adapt the available space to address the needs of its residents. Speaking about the prevailing architectural techniques, the present trend focuses on a win-win situation for both style and comfort. However, these advanced design trends are leaning towards creating modern, stylish and sleek designs while at times ignoring the potential of interior design to deliver spaces that can radiate positive healing energies.
Hospitals with a touch of natural elements, gardens, exterior views and adequate ventilations mark the beginning of the design of spaces that are meant to contribute to healing and promoting wellness. In the words of a health activist, Dr Paul Farmer, “Buildings are making people sicker and causing epidemic-level problems among the poorest of populations.” 
Dr. Paul Farmer is the co-Founder of  an international social justice and health organization, Partners In Health with a model for providing affordable healthcare. Residing in a city such as Los Angeles, I frequently notice that healthcare centres are being designed and constructed as air-conditioned, yet suffocating, spaces with absolutely no consideration for patient and staff wellness. To be more precise, a vast potential of healthcare interior design in its entirety is being unused. 
As an interior designer and entrepreneur in Los Angeles, I always prefer to outsource my design jobs to the most experienced and skilled resources located across the globe. The motive behind this decision is to be able to incorporate global thoughts into my designs instead of limiting our design development to an air-conditioned cubicle of my office or within the frontiers of my imagination.

When you go outside today and you look at your built world, ask not only “What is the environmental footprint?” but consider asking, “What is the human handprint of those who made it?”

While my team excellently executes my thoughts into creative and unique elevations and designs, I continue to challenge them into innovative and out-of-the-box thinking. While they get to work on the most outstanding designs that are aiming to change the perspective of healthcare interiors, I indulge myself into promoting the need for healing spaces.
We educate our clients and help them understand how, unlike traditional hospital designs, strategical perspectives of healthcare interior design can contribute to increased patient retention and treatment outcome rates. At the end of the day, healthcare interior designers are none other than artists creating designs that can change the way we perceive clinical care.
At LA Healthcare Design Inc. we believe that interior design has the ability to make you look and feel in a different perspective while creating a lasting impression on those who experience it.  We produce designs that you can look at, feel through and see them working and creating wonders. We create medical spaces in a different perspective. We create healing spaces.
You can watch the TED talk here
LA Healthcare Design Inc. offers Medical Tenant Improvement services in which we improve existing spaces and design new custom office spaces that meet your branding needs. Feel free to reach out to us here for a consultation.

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