Interior Design for Cosmetic Surgery Practices

When patients seek out cosmetic surgery practices, they are in an aesthetic mindset that is all about beauty and self-improvement. Aside from having marketable medical credentials, the office itself becomes almost like a deal breaker in sealing the deal. More often than not, impressions on your Medical interiors can sway patients’ decision to stay or seek out other medical professionals. Because as much as medical experience matters, the medical environments you operate often communicate more about a practice than you care to admit. Today we give you three things to keep in mind when designing your Cosmetic Surgery Offices, from what matters for patients to how you can effectively market your practice through meaningful interiors.

  1. Comfort above all.

    This goes beyond the usual patient anxieties when seeking out medical help, there is a genuine opportunity to create beautiful spaces that will affirm and personify your patient’s journey to self-improvement. From the moment they arrive, the reception and lounge must exude the confidence that they too hope to achieve. Their encounter with your lounge, the consultation, operation, and recovery must all be to a level of comfort that is almost resort-like – luxurious and rejuvenating. A true healing space that inspires.

  2. Details matter

    God is truly in the details. It’s in these little things that moments of thought are noticed, appreciated, and remembered. When talking with your designer, notice how detailed they are in how everything is being planned for, be it in the materials, the light bulbs they specify, or even the type of door handles they recommend. If the vision is clear and the experience you want to achieve is solid, these details shouldn’t be that hard to decide on.

    Details do matter. It’s in these things that patients will learn the great lengths you have gone to make sure their experience goes as well as it could be.

  3. Showcase your expertise, and medical environment as an extension of your brand

    As an extension of your brand, your medical interiors should reflect the values that you hold dear to you as the owner. The care and level of professionalism should be evident in the level of detail you have in your office. A messy office doesn’t bode well for you to be in a position of trust. This is best resolved as an introspective journey when you define your branding. Knowing yourself is the best way to know your brand. Clarity and cohesion are key to achieving a connected message between who you are as a medical professional and the environment you work from.
    Cosmetic surgery offices need not be hollow spaces that have no substance or meaning. Whatever medical interiors it may be, the key is always to deliver a positive patient experience that is attuned to what they need.

Let it be an opportunity for you to deliver a great space that celebrates the patients and you as well. Call us right now at (310) 359-1200 or drop a consultation request here at SIMOUR Design for a chance to book one of our free limited consultations here. We wish you great success ahead!

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