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Transformative Designs with Concierge Service

Simour is a distinguished optometry office interior design firm. We create top-tier, modern designs centered around the patient experience for your space, through our understanding that your business is a place of wellbeing, purpose, and comfort. By providing world class, end-to-end design services with an intentional approach, we help elevate your space to a place of state-of-the-art healing, relaxation, productivity, and passion. We create inclusive, accessible spaces that are comfortable for patients of all abilities.

During the design phases, we listen to your aesthetic goals, help you identify your desired ambiance, and reveal the space you envisioned. We communicate with you during every step and have plans in place for any possible obstacle to ensure we stay on schedule.

The result is an intentional, functional, beautiful optometry office that elevates each patient’s experience, helping them to feel relaxed, and all blending seamlessly with the mission of your business

Our Work

Our design intention is to transform and heal. We delicately incorporate beauty, functionality, comfort, and flow while connecting your brand to your interior design. Your space becomes a tangible representation of who you are and your purpose.

Phase One

Conceptual Design

Your first meeting with our team allows us the opportunity to listen to and understand your specific requirements and needs. As a result, our Optometry Office Design services will represent your brand and provide a seamless experience from beginning to end.

We’ll provide you with custom space planning, brand-matched mood boards, and concept sketches.

Phase Two

Design Development

Our Design Development phase for Optometry Office Design includes the initial interior architectural plans and getting final approval before we begin construction. We also begin sourcing all required materials, fixtures, and equipment. We’ll select material finishes (floor plans, furniture plans, among several others), and review the design budget based on these items.

Phase Three

Construction Drawings

This is where we bring your healing space to life. We’ll provide the detailed Design Management timeline and schedule of design implementation dates, and keep you fully up-to-date on where we are with the process. You’ll also receive 3-D model presentations to view the design direction before any purchase is made (saving you time and money).

Phase Four


Exclusive to our Simour Premium package is the additional Purchasing option. This service has been developed to streamline the optometry office interior design process, finishing your journey with clarity and ease. We’ll coordinate with vendors and contractors, order placement and tracking, provide hassle-free white glove delivery and assembly of your practice’s furniture, and provide onsite styling and installation.

“Simour created an amazing space with concierge service. They specialize only in medical and healthcare spaces, which gave us peace of mind to know that they are very familiar with all the details in interior design of medical spaces and eased our process. We highly recommend.”


Flawless Design Expertise For Your Modern Optometry Office

Our expert design team has worked with leading optometry practices across the United States, providing us with unparalleled experience across multiple optometry industries. Our approach to your Optometry Office Design is sophisticated, comforting, and functional, bringing the transformative, healing design features that your space needs to help patients, yourself, and your staff feel completely at ease. Mitra Silva, Founder of Simour Interior Design, is motivated by the belief that proper design can create a flow that positively influences productivity, healing each person who interacts within that space. Mitra and her team incorporate designs that follow ADA and HIPAA regulations to ensure your office remains compliant, while also creating an inclusive, accessible space for every patient.


Give, Not Take

To create a positive patient experience, it’s important to approach the design of your space from a spirit of abundance, rather than restriction. Consider introducing an iPad welcome menu to greet patients instead of a fully enclosed reception area. Also, consider having a questionnaire and beverage available for clients. This is an efficient way to manage the flow of patients within the facility while keeping the space warm and inviting.

Guide, Not Dictate

A clear wayfinding system is important for any medical space. From room labels to directional signage, your patients will appreciate these visual elements to guide them throughout the medical office. Even subtle ones such as these metal inserts on the floor (as shown above) help patients instinctively navigate where they need to be providing flow, safety, and peace of mind.


Transform, Not Change

Medical visits always stir up anxiety for patients, and the pandemic is increasing the mental pain associated with them. Try to design spaces that will alleviate those anxieties. Induce some calm and relaxation, especially in those places where your patient can feel most vulnerable. For example, restrooms often go overlooked, despite them being the one place where your patients have no distractions. Give the restrooms some extra love by trying to make them more special so that patients can feel relaxed and safe. Mind the lighting, the finishes, even the smells. Trust us that your patients will appreciate it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I start?

The first step when designing your medical spa space is to understand your why. When you understand your why for the design, the entire space will be completely patient-experience driven. The details of what and how will fall into place.

When you meet with our design team at Simour, we’ll go over the design questionnaire to help you understand your why and create your core story with our mood board.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies for our healthcare interior design services and is customized based on each client’s specific needs. Our pricing also takes into consideration the square footage of your space, the timeline for when you would like the project completed, and location. However, we understand that time and money are the most important factors to your process – we strive to help you get crystal clear on the timeframe and cost once we start our journey together.

Who should I hire first?

Most people think the person they should hire first when designing a new medical space is the architect or contractor. However, this is not the case – you should always hire an interior design specialist first so that your entire project and design is centered around the patient experience (rather than from a technical standpoint).

What are the most important rooms of a medical spa?

The three most important parts of your medical space are the lounge area/waiting area, consultation room, and restroom. It’s important that these focal points exude cleanliness, a timeless design, and incorporate the healing elements of your services.

When designing your medical spa, there are a few key features that should always be addressed within these three rooms. These include lighting, anthropometrics (using the dimension of the human form to create an environment that is inclusive and functional), scent, and wayfinding – all of which elevate the patient experience to the next level.

What is your distinguished approach to healthcare interior design?

Our approach to healthcare interior design is about creating medical offices and spaces that serve as a physical reminder of your noble purpose. We understand that as a world-class practitioner in your field, healing is both your passion and purpose. Our design aesthetics reflect our belief that your medical office and space should be beautiful and functional. Equally important, your space should be healing to not only your patients but also to you and your staff.

What is your design style?

Our design style is simply world-class. Sophisticated, comforting, and functional, we bring transformative healing design features that your space needs to help patients, your staff and yourself feel completely at ease.

What can we expect in this new normal with COVID-19?

We are in a new world and therefore we must transform to respond to our new reality. We propose a holistic approach that integrates these new realities into your brand. Specifically, this can include:

  • Plexiglass barriers
  • HEPA Filtration
  • UVA Air Cleaner
  • Temp scanner, oxygen level testers
  • PPE – Masks covering mouth and nose
  • Social distancing office floor

What is the mission at Simour?

Our mission is to heal the world through beautiful designs. We pride ourselves on making a medical spa welcoming and functional while representing and elevating your brand story.

What does your name, Simour, mean?

Our name comes from the mythological Persian bird, known as the Simour. This beautiful bird is the symbol of medicine and pharmacy in Persian culture and is believed to have the power to purify and heal.